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The links on this site were collected for three purposes. To help teachers

  1. discover what a useful tool technology can be in the classroom.
  2. develop the processes of integrating computers into the learning environment.
  3. locate resources for professional development.

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There are many ways to enhance the learning process with technology. Most of them employ one or more of these activities:

  • communication
  • research 
  • graphic organizers
  • presentation

Computers were originally thought to be programming tools only useful for the technically inclined.  Later,  it was thought that computers would replace teachers and all that was needed was really good software. But experience has taught us that this just is not so. Computer Assisted instruction was explored over many years, not always successfully.  Many software developers directed their production towards the home market producing what has come to be called "edu-tainment" software. Highly graphic and interactive in nature, it filled the role of supervised drill and practice but it often developed spontaneous rather than reflective thinking. It was difficult to justify the cost when weighed against the shallow depth of learning taking place.

In recent years we have developed a different vision. It is now recognized that we have before us an amazing and powerful tool for developing student thinking and learning. Recent discoveries in brain research and the emergence of cognitive learning theories have overtaken the behaviorist approaches of yester-year.  We now recognize how computers can be used to manage very large collections of data and assist in the understanding and construction of meaningful information interpretation.

In the last 18  months the term, "mind tools" is increasingly being used to describe the ways that computers are used to develop the facilities of the mind. These methods are well described in the article "Computers as Mind Tools for Engaging Learners in Critical Thinking" (700K pfd file) by David Jonassen etc. al, March 1998 edition of the Techtrends magazine.   Christopher Moersch Levels of Technology Implementation:  A Framework for Measuring Classroom Technology Use,  published in  Learning & Leading with Technology May 1999 offers evidence that judicious use of technology results in higher academic achievements.

Sites are springing up all over the Internet in support of this vision.  But most importantly for us, the ICT, Information and Communications Technology Outcomes Program of Studies (1.4meg pdf file) has been released defining this new direction for computer integration in Alberta. 

Implementation of this program of studies is scheduled to occur between by September  2000 and June 2003, for all Alberta teachers . We have until then to become proficient in the use of these new tools and skillful in guiding our students in their productive use. 

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These web pages were assembled for teachers.  There are well over 100 pages on this site and all have a similar format. All pages that vary in appearance from  this page are linking off site to the work of others.

Every effort is made to validate the educational substance of these sites.  Please remember that the dynamic nature of the Internet requires each of us to use caution when presenting web sites to students.