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Grade One Resources

Grade One Resources


Grade One Essentials

Reproducible masters for every occasion and for your grade level! Attractive awards, certificates, numbers and alphabets for students’ desks, calendars, name tags, bookmarks, reading incentives, teacher forms, daybook blanks, timetables, letters to parents, mark sheets, blank books for your students, shape books, monthly newsletter blanks, seasonal spelling sheets, graphs, rulers, writing graphic organizers, memos, tests (vocabulary, spelling, phonics), alphabet books, addition and subtraction flash cards, and more! The masters all have interesting graphics and ideas for their use. They will save you lots of time!

Price: 39.95

Math Success – Grade One

The first Math Success program was originally written for Grade Two, and it has become a popular resource. Teachers have asked for a program with the same pattern of teaching and review to use in grade one. Finally there is a new program that is interesting to teach and successful! Math Success – Grade One has daily lesson plans and reproducible exercise sheets for 30 weeks of the school year, and includes speed sheets and weekly review tests. It teaches number patterns in different ways so every child will understand number relationships and the math concepts. Math Success – Grade One teaches the children to use manipulatives for understanding, but lessens the dependency on manipulatives that often slows later math procedures. The children will be adding and subtracting more efficiently and with greater speed and understanding. 

Price:  69.95

Successful Phonics – Part 1
This new program will give you everything you need to teach phonics successfully in Grade One. It teaches the single consonants, the short vowel sounds and the
Successful Phonics – Part 1 gives you specific lesson plans, strategies for teaching the sounds and blending, reproducible worksheets, flashcards, and reproducible booklets so the children can practice their skills in actual reading material. The children will practice decoding and encoding, so both reading and spelling will be much improved. Successful Phonics is easy to teach, and is explained in simple straightforward lessons so training is unnecessary. If you appreciate the Sight Reading – Start Right kits, Successful Phonics is the perfect resource to complete your reading program.                   

Price:  59.95

(This is replacing Teaching Phonics from the Beginning. Successful Phonics has a similar sequence, but is a more comprehensive program with specific lessons, worksheets and reading material.)  

Opening Exercises - Grade One

The first half hour may be the most valuable learning time of the day. This booklet gives you great ideas to make your opening exercises very successful.   



Price: 6.95



Classroom Management - Grade One

This booklet will give you lots of useful ideas to help you run your classroom efficiently.  It begins with physical placement of furniture and preparation ideas for September, and then gives you a wide variety of suggestions on everything from sharpening pencils to clean-up time, from washroom breaks to the organization of the piles of paper that we accumulate. 
Price:  8.95

Spelling in Grade One

This new resource gives you wonderful ideas for teaching spelling, weekly word lists, in-class reproducible practice sheets for 30 weeks and 30 take-home sheets. You can teach a simple, effective, stress-free spelling program in Grade One. 



Sight Reading – Start Right –  Kit 1 and Kit 2


Each Kit contains:
- Many small reproducible books to photocopy so that the children can practice the reading words.
- Reading practice sheets and "homework" sheets so that the children can practice the reading words at home.

- One set of word cards - laminate, cut them apart and they are ready to use.
- Word card masters so each child can be given a smaller set.
- Approximately 80 reproducible worksheets to help the children practice the words.
- Black-and-white picture cards for the nouns taught. (Kit 1 only).
- Teaching guides. The guides to accompany the lessons give you helpful strategies to teach the words.

The kits are well organized, simple to follow and totally practical. These teaching aids will enhance your reading program and save you lots of work.

Sight Reading - Start Right Kit 1

Price: 54.95
Sight Reading - Start Right Kit 2

Price: 54.95

Reading Practice–Binders to Accompany Kit 1 and Kit 2

Each binder contains 20 more reproducible little books to accompany the lessons plus more reading sheets so the children can practice their reading skills. These are very useful, especially for your slower children who need so much practice.

Reading Practice -To Accompany Kit 1


Price: 29.95



Reading Practice -To Accompany Kit 2



Price: 2


Printing Practice Book - Grade One

There are 26 reproducible pages (one for each letter) to use with your students for teaching the letters, 26 pages to practice letter formation and 26 more pages to use later in Grade One when your children become more proficient. This binder also contains information to help you teach your children to print accurately and neatly.  A big time-saver!  




Math Masters – Grade One

100 reproducible math drill sheets! Addition and subtraction facts to 5, + and - 1, + and - 2, doubles, sheets to practice the number combinations of 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, and worksheets to drill the addition and subtraction combinations to 10. These will save you time and help your students to become fluent with the math facts. There are 25 facts to the simple pages and 50 facts on the more difficult pages so you will easily be able to use percentage marks. These masters come in a binder for ease of photocopying.  

Price: 29.95

Teaching Writing in Grade One

This booklet shows the sequence for teaching writing, different methods, story starters, and includes a reproducible dictionary with common words and spaces for you or the child to print extra words.  
Price: 15.95

Homework Calendars – Grade 1

 The children take one calendar sheet home each month. The calendar gives them an interesting educational activity to do each day.   2003-2004 calendars available in May, 2003.   

Price: 4.95