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Many years ago this province was thriving with railways, be it freight, passenger, mining or logging. But, times have changed and the iron horses that helped shape this province have been consumed by history. A few of these great machines have been saved from the cutting torches and the scrap dealers. This website pays tribute to the many steam locomotives of British Columbia that have been saved, and is dedicated to the people that have preserved them. Listed on this website are all locomotives from 4'8.5" standard gauge down to 15" gauge.

About the Pictures:

Most of the pictures were taken by my father and some were by me. My goal is to have at least one picture for each locomotive. Some pictures I have found on the Internet or have obtained from magazines or other sources, and where appropriate, I have included a photo credit with the photographer's name. I am hoping to eventually replace these pictures with my own photos. If you do not want your picture posted here, please contact me at and I will remove it immediately. For some locomotives, I have provided links to other sites where there are plenty of pictures and I bet the creators would be more than happy if you visited their sites.

About the Pages:

This is a brief summary of what you'll find on each page in this website.

bulletSteam Locomotives: This page is broken into five categories:
  1. Vancouver Island: features steam locomotives presently on Vancouver Island.
  2. Northern BC: features steam locomotives in the northern part of British Columbia.
  3. Southern BC: features steam locomotives in the southern part of British Columbia.
  4. Forgotten Locomotives: features various locomotives abandoned or sunk in lakes around the province. A few locomotives that are listed are a complete mystery and I've never seen them. If anyone has information about these locomotives please contact me: .
  5. Other BC Locomotives: features steam locomotives that have worked in British Columbia but are now located elsewhere. A number of these locomotives are still operational.
bulletPreservation Societies: This page lists railway-related preservation societies from around the province. Descriptions and contact addresses are included.
bulletRailway News: Features railway news from around the province.
bulletRailway Links: A big list of links for all sorts of railway information.
bulletAbout the Author: This page has a description of myself. There is also a works cited section with various sources I referred to while putting this website together. There is also a Thank you section here as well. If you would like to contact me my e-mail address is provided on this page (and also below). I welcome any feedback. 

Help Needed:

I would like to have this website contain the most comprehensive information on the surviving steam locomotives of British Columbia. I need your help! Most of the information that I did my research on came from various books, pamphlets, and websites. Some of this material is older and not up-to-date. If there is any new information or I got the wrong information, please contact me and I will make the appropriate updates. Your help is much appreciated.

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In the overflow website, you'll find:


Main Page: Home page for the Overflow website.


Steam Locomotives: contains pictures that I couldn't manage to fit on this website.


Essay: I will report on railway attractions that I have visited and railway events that I have attended.


Miscellaneous: Extra stuff that couldn't find a home on other pages

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