Grantura MKIII

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GranturaThe original license plate shows that the car was first registered in the county of Northhamptonshire, England. The "B" means that it was in 1970 that Lars (holding last name), who happens to live where I do, bought it for 850 Pounds Sterling near Harpington (near Oxford University) with only 30 000 miles on the clock. He and his friend Frank (holding last name) drove it around Europe for a few months before shipping it home to Victoria from Denmark at the end of their holiday.

While in Europe, one of the stories goes like this. They got a bit lost while heading towards Hungary, so stopped in a bar for a while. That night, they slept in the car, under the watchful noses of the guards in the very high towers at the border. Early in the morning, the call of nature lured them out of the car, but they locked the keys in the car and had to break in to get them back. While crossing back into Austria, the border guards tore the car apart, thinking they must have been smuggling something!

The car also made a quick trip behind the "Iron Curtain" and to the Gran Prix of Monza.

GranturaThe Grantura was sold around 1980 to a fellow who lived in the View Towers. The story goes that the parking brake was left off, and it ever so slowly, but just a bit too fast, rolled into a hard concrete wall, crunching the stock Grantura hood. It was replace by Jim Walters of Victoria's Bristol Motors, but the only hood available from the factory was the Vixen hood.

The car bounced around to a few other people in Victoria until I bought it in 2005. By that time, it had been sitting, not running, for six years. When I bought it, the car was 100% stock; even the original carpet was there, though in rather sad condition, I might add. I got the car home, did a full brake job, among other things, to get it running, and drove it for a year or so. Then it sat in storage for a year and a half... 'till now!