DIY Powder Coating

The last car I restored I upgraded from the typical “Rattle Can” painting of parts to POR15, while still nice stuff it’s yucky to work with, stinks and very expensive. The car(s) before POR15 I use spray bombs, while the finish looks good for a year or so it soon fails in so many ways, one of which it is impossible to keep looking fresh/clean.
Everyone seems to think that Powder Coating is the way to go, and I think that all would agree but the cost is a hard thing to swallow for the average person, that being me. Like most things, my thinking goes much like this “If they can do it why can’t I” ? An couple of hours investigating equipment needed and the process that was involved and I was starting to get very enthusiastic about doing it myself.
I went ahead and ordered the Eastwood Powder coating kit, I figure I have a total of about $500.00 (Can) in to several powders (colours), the gun, hooks, wire and so on that will last two cars worth. I got a used full size standard kitchen oven for free (local want ads) and put it under my sundeck. I would NOT recommend you cure the parts in the house oven for a variety of reasons that are not hard to figure out J. The problem is getting the 220V power outside to the oven, but that is easy to overcome in various ways. I lucked out and got a long very thick extension cord I plug in to the dryer outlet.
The secret, well.. not really a secret but the bases of a good powder coated part is to have it sand blasted and to not have anyone touch the part without a glove on, the simple oils from your fingers can affect the finish (or so I’m told, never tested it). You can also get some putty that will accept the powder and is used like bondo, but I never went that far.
The first part I did as a test I took a ball peen hammer to, it  made a slight dent but no cracking. Showed it to some of my friends who question home powder coating and all were impressed. I now have almost every metal part of the car powder coated, seen or not seen. Highly recommended…