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This synopsis is Copyright 1993, by Steven E. Barnes. Permission
is granted to reproduce this material for non-commercial uses.


Hokuto no Ken chapter 2, "The Dragon and the Tiger" [3 of 6]

TV Episodes 33 - ?: Amoeba

Manga volumes: 6

Ken decides he must find Toki, if there is a chance he still
lives. He stops in a city to trade for food. The city is in
turmoil; a powerful ruffian has gone berserk, claiming his life
will end today. Ken learns that the man is the only survivor of
the "Miracle Village," where the Messiah is rumored to have ap-
peared. The village had been abandoned, and the sick and crip-
pled left to die. One day a man named Toki appeared, and miracu-
lously healed the villagers. But overnight, he changed from a
gentle healer, into a murderous demon, who cruely experimented
upon the populace. All were killed, or turned into monsters.
This man was told he would die in three days. As the man pleads
for Ken to save him, his head explodes.

Back at the village, Mamiya has a premonition of evil; Lynn,
sensing that Ken is in danger, leaves the village, and is soon
engulfed by a blinding sandstorm. Rei, Bat, and Mamiya leave to
find Lynn.

[Ken fights monsters]

[end ep 33]


[Summary from manga]

Toki's men enter a bar. They offer a month's food to anyone who
can defeat their champion at arm-wrestling. There is one catch;
the table has concealed buzz-saws, which will slice off the arm
of the loser. Ken accepts their challenge saying: "I do not need
food; I will take your lives instead." Ken easily wins, and beats
the location of Toki's stronghold out of the leader.

[parents want Toki to save child]

Ken confronts Toki demanding to know why Toki has changed.

[Toki explains why he changed]

After witnessing Toki cruelly kill an innocent man, Ken is en-
raged. Unable to believe this man is his brother, Ken attacks.
In their clash, a large scar on Toki's back is revealed, provid-
ing further proof of his identity. The battle is resumed. Using
a woman as a shield, Toki manages to paralyze Ken. As he contem-
plates how to experiment on Ken's body, Rei kicks in the door.

"That man is not your brother Toki," Rei explains: "His name is
Amoeba." Due to Amoeba's inferior knowledge of pressure points,
Ken is able to break free of his paralysis. Amoeba explains why
he began to impersonate Toki. Toki did in fact heal the sick at
the "Miracle Village," but Amoeba was not impressed. Considering
himself a genius, he attempted to fix the leg of an old man.
Toki saw this, and intervened in time to save the leg, warning
him to not meddle in things he did not understand. Because Toki
dared to slap Amoeba's face, he decided to destroy Toki's reputa-

Amoeba demonstrates the results of his research: he has
discovered a new pressure point, which causes his body to grow to
enormous size. Ken is unimpressed. As he watches, Amoeba's
fingers explode and his body returns to normal. Ken strikes him
with a technique which takes control of Amoeba's legs, causing
him to walk backwards indefinitly. Lacking fingers, Amoeba is
unable to neutralize the technique, and he walks off a ledge,
falling to his death.

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