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This Section is devoted to the fans.  It's where I will post fan pics or anything along those lines (just as long as it's not really, really offensive!...well maybe even then).  So if you've got something you want to submit send it to  And if you want to add info about yourself that's good too.  Just say what you want to be mentioned (ie. name/nickname, homepage, e-mail, comments, date of creation...  Stuff like that...).  And by the way, put something about Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the Northstar in the subject so I don't mistake it for junk mail (and please forgive me if I do accidentally mistake it for junk mail and send it again).

Okay, so here are the masterpieces I've been sent so far.  This section was empty until recently but thanks to some brave individuals we now all have a little bit of sunshine.  I hope this will encourage others to send in some pictures too.  (Oh and by the way, make sure you mention something about Hokuto no Ken, Fist of the North Star, or one of the other zillion names this series goes by so you don't get lost in all the junk mail!)

These First 3 pictures of a life size Ken(shiro) are by Janet from Malta.  Not sure where that is?  Well, you're not the only ignorant bastard around.  I didn't know where Malta was either so I've included a map pointing it out.

Here's the first pic

And the second...

And logically second is followed by third

I'd like to thank Janet for taking the time to contribute to the fan art section.  She's quite a skilled artist.

Okay, here's another pic of Kenshiro sent in to me by Kyle Toorie (AKA Behelit Head).  Kyle is from the magical kingdom of, actually I have no idea where he's from so I just added that as filler.

...I really gotta stop taking LSD when I update this page...

Here is Kyle's Kenshiro pic

Again I'd like to thank Kyle for sending in his artwork.  This is some sharp b&w work.

As a not so special bonus I'm gonna add another fan art here from me.  It's not the best I ever did and it's about 8 years old at least.  But it's the only one I could find...


Thanks me!

Here's a new picture by Behelit Head entitled "Traditions".


This one's by a friend of mine who we'll call Mog.  He did this in Junior High I think...

Mokuto no Ken

Here's one more pic by me although it's not finished I think I should add it because what kind of a page would this be if there was no fan art by the maker of the page?

Unfinished floating torso ...mmm...torso




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