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tetsuo hara


Tetsuo Hara was born on the 2nd September of 1961 in Tokyo and became famous because of his ideas and technique in creating manga's. He started working in a magazine (stamped by a photocopy machine) called “Tenshin ranman” created with a group of friends at the high school. Here he published a short detective style manga titled “Gendai no jinsei” (Life of a contemporary) which in different point seems to be taken from the ideas of the great Katsuhiro Otomo. His real passion for the comics started during the 8th grade, after having read a manga of Jiro Tsunoda, Sono takun (The other one). In that same year he got up the courage and sent to Takao Yaguchi (know because of “Sampei the fisherman”) his work, who answered saying that his drawing was not yet mature and that he had to practice more. During the November of 1981 Hara decided to send to the “Shueisha” the manga “Gendai no jinsei” that had already been published in the magazine “Tenshin ranman”. The manga finished in the hands of Buichi Terasawa (Arthur of Cobra) who liked it, and found him a job as a assistant with Yoshihiro Takahashi. From 1981 to 1983 Tetsuo Hara decided to leave his job as a assistant to début (come out) at the 33rd “Fresh Jump”, a competition of the “Shueisha” for new talents, with “Super Challenger, a comic dedicated to the world of boxing. Thanks to that, many comic editors of the Shueisha got interested in him and let him, at the end, create his own manga. So, for that, in the August of 1982 he published his first real comic titled “Mad Fighter”, inspired by his favorite hero, “Mad Max”. Mad Fighter could be considered the predecessor of “Hokuto no Ken”, because the main character is a motor-cyclist who has special powers, a bit like the ones of Hokuto. But the success didn't come, and after only ten weeks he had to stop. His next work was a introductory episode of “Hokuto no Ken”, which narrated the adolescence of the main character before the 3rd world war. It was published on a special number of “Shonen Jump” in the April of 1983 edition and it was liked so much that the Shueisha decided to give him as a partner Bronson as scenario-writer.

Hara has done some other stuff after Hokuto no Ken such as a feudal war comic and some videogames art (Saturday Night Slam Masters).  But I don't know a great deal about it...

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