US Acoustics Manual



Revised: Nov. 5, 2002

Click below to view the US Acoustics owners manual for amplifiers built by ZED Audio. This is the first 5 pages only for USX----F amplifiers, not newer class D models.

These are jpeg image files, somewhat large in size.

Front Cover 78kb

Page 1 53kb (manual index - table of contents)

Page 2 67kb (common features)

Page 3 84kb (specifications - all models)

Page 4 40kb (common installation instructions)

Page 5 36kb (basic 2 channel wiring 2050, 2080, 2100, 2150)

Page 6 57kb (basic 2 channel wiring 600F, 800F, 1000F)

Page 7 86kb (basic 2 channel wiring high level input 2050, 2080, 2100, 2150)

Page 8 63kb (basic 2 channel wiring bridging to mono 1 channel)

Page 9 75kb (basic 2 channel wiring tri-mode speaker configuration)

Page 10 77kb (basic 2 channel wiring bi-amp system configuration)

Page 11 62kb (basic 4 channel wiring)

Page 12 58kb (basic 4 channel bridged wiring)

Page 13 79kb (basic 4 channel tri-mode wiring)

Page 14 88kb (4 channel and 2 channel bi-amp system wiring)

Page 15 93kb (same as above, configuration option #2)

Page 16 70kb (troubleshooting)

Page 17 74kb (caution: potential hearing loss at high volume)

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