Disable DRL's



May 14, 2002

How-To Guide

Ford F-150 Disable Daytime Running Lights

Tools Needed:

  • two flathead screwdrivers

  • one 8mm socket & ratchet with short extension

Parts Needed: (optional)

  • two small, thick, plastic bags

  • two tie rap or zap strap

Time for procedure:

  • 3-10 minutes depending on how mechanically inclined you are

Parts Cost:

Zero if you have optional items on hand.


Follow my instructions completely at your own risk!  I take no responsibility for any accuracy in my instructions.

  • open the hood so you can see behind the bumper better.
  • here's a picture of where the daytime running lights module is hidden:
  • to find the module/resistor network follow the cable up from the foglight bulb socket. The module itself pictured below is mounted to the body metal behind the headlight on the driver's side at the height of the top of the bumper.
  • use an 8mm socket/ratchet with short extension to remove the bolt that holds the unit on (97-98 only). 99' & up may be different.
  • once the module is hanging down it's easiest to use two flathead screwdrivers to pry off the connector, it's next to impossible while it's mounted to the vehicle, you just can't get your hands back there.
  • once the module is unplugged it's your choice as to whether you bolt it back on the vehicle and leave it disconnected but I would recommend putting a thick plastic bag over the loose cable end and over the connector on the drl module and sealing it water-tight with a zap strap in case you or the next owner wants to use it again, at least the connections won't be corroded.


1997-1998 DRL module for Canada looks like this:


For 1999 and newer it is in the same location, instead of a big module it's apparently a resistor network. Just disconnect it.


Now you can look "cool" with just your running lights on and not half-blind people at night with the DRL's before you forget to turn on your lights.

In Canada it may actually be illegal to disconnect your daytime running lights so you are doing this modification at your own risk!

You can find more information here, especially for 99' and newer F150's:


http://www.geocities.com/skyjet1/DRL.html (good info for those in the US who want DRL's)


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