Natural Resources Canada 2007/28 April 4, 2007
Canada's New Government Provides Free Online Access to Digital Mapping Data
OTTAWA - Experts and other users of digital topographic data will no longer have to pay to use digital versions of government maps and data.(link).

Download directory for 300 dpi geocoded TIF files(Index of /pub/canmatrix).

Free Canadian topographic maps in Garmin's format are avialable from The Ibycus Topo Map Project.

The following samples of topographic maps are from the websites of the various vendors. The sample maps provided on their web sites are from different locations across Canada so it was not possible to compare maps of the same area on this page.

The samples are shown in JPEG format which may be of lower quality than the original format. Samples in their original formats (or the source website) are available by clicking on the link beside the thumbnail.

A side by side comparison of all the maps in JPEG format is also provided.

A comparison in PNG format of the three maps sold in this format is available by clicking here (581 KB)

Additional samples of digital mapping and satellite photos can be found at Canadian Information Systems

Links to free map viewing software are provided at the bottom of this page.

Toporama 1:50000 Click to Enlarge
SoftMap Alberta Topo50 1:50000 Click to Enlarge
ETopo Digital Maps 1:50000 Click to Enlarge
Spectrum Digital Imaging 1:50000 Click to Enlarge
Touratech QVN Maps 1:50000 Click to Enlarge
Fugawi 1:50000 Click to Enlarge
NorthStar Digital Maps 1:50000 Click to Enlarge
Side By Side Comparison Click to Enlarge

Free Map Viewers Are Available From
Memory Map Ifran View Free DRG Viewers CoffeeCup Free Viewer Plus

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