Natural Resources Canada 2007/28 April 4, 2007
Canada's New Government Provides Free Online Access to Digital Mapping Data
OTTAWA - Experts and other users of digital topographic data will no longer have to pay to use digital versions of government maps and data.(link).

Download directory for 300 dpi geocoded TIF files(Index of /pub/canmatrix).

Free Canadian topographic maps in Garmin's format are avialable from The Ibycus Topo Map Project.

Notice : The prices below are longer being updated so some of the links may be dead.
Prices are as of December 2003 and do not iclude taxes or shipping and handling.

Canadian Digital Topographic Maps
E Topo Digital Maps Spectrum Digital Imaging Fugawi SoftMap Alberta Topo50 Touratech QVN Maps NorthStar Digital Maps Toporama Calibrated Toporama
CD Name Central Alberta Mtn Parks 1010-REC Cdn Rockies Vol 1 SW Alberta B.C. # 1 Individual Map Sheets Individual Map Sheets Index Four
Cost of CD $99.95 (2) $99.00 (4) $99.00 (1) $62.95 (16) $49.95 (3) $ N/A Free (15) $80.00 (17)
# of 1:50K Maps 320 148 39 168 208 1 1 2169
$ per 1:50K Map $0.31 $0.67 *** $2.53 ^ $0.38 $0.24 ** $5.00 Free $0.04
c/w 1:250K Maps Yes No Yes Yes Yes Individual Map Sheets Individual Map Sheets Yes
Format PNG PNG & Ozf2 BSB* Proprietary PNG GeoTiff GIF GIF
DPI 150 150 254 ? ? 254 ? ?
c/w Software Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No

Prices as of December 2003 do not iclude taxes or shipping and handling. The bracketed numbers refers to list of vendor links at bottom of this page and indicates source of price shown. CD prices are for maps of my local area and prices will vary for CDs of other areas.

* Fugawi offers selected CDs in TIFF format or in their own proprietary format.

** Touratech QVN Maps is now offering "Prairies on DVD" 744 1:50000 maps for $189.95 resulting in a price of $0.25 per map. The DVD includes 1:250000 maps but coverage with 1:50000 maps is incomplete. See their map index.

*** Spectrum Digital Imaging now offers individual map sheets for download at a price of $10.00 per sheet in Geotiff (DRG), PNG and Ozf2 formats. (Ozf2 is a compression format developed by OziExplorer creator, Des Newman, which allows digital map images or orthophoto images to be used on a PocketPC with OziExplorer CE software)

^ Fugawi will be offering seamless maps on DVD for each province for $99.95. The Alberta DVD would contain about 757 maps resulting in a price of $0.13 per map. The DVD includes 1:250000 maps and elevation data. Maps in are FX4 format which can only be used with Fugawi software. Only Newfoundland and Ontario are currently available. It is not known if their previous products will be discontinued.

Samples of the various types of digital maps are shown here. Additional samples of digital mapping and satellite photos can be found at Canadian Information Systems

Please note that none of these products can be loaded into a GPSr. The maps can be used with mapping software (such as Fugawi or OziExplorer) on a PC, laptop or PDA.

Precalibrations for use with OziExplorer or Fugawi
E Topo Digital Maps Spectrum Digital Imaging Fugawi SoftMap Alberta Topo50 Touratech QVN Maps NorthStar Digital Maps Toporama**
OziExplorer Yes Yes ? No Yes ? No
Fugawi Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No

Calibration files for Fugawi (*.jpr) will also work with Memory Map Navigator. The SoftMap products will only work with Fugawi.

** Note: Precalibrated copies of the Toporama maps are available for a fee. Canadian Information Systems and Chuck Gale ( offer copies with calibration files for both programs.


Canadian Digital Topographic Map Producers

E Topo
Spectrum Digital Imaging
Fugawi Maps
Touratech QV Maps
NorthStar Digital Maps and Navigation Software

Canadian Digital Topographic Map Vendors

1. GPS
2. Map Town
4. Prairie Geomatics Ltd
5. Federal Publications Inc
6. Federal Maps Inc
7. Deakin Equipment
9. Wholesale Sports Online
10. World of Maps
11. Canadian Canoe Routes
12. Bgts-Maps
13. - Digital Maps of BC
15. Centre for Topographic Information in Sherbrooke
16. Walmart Canada - Only brick and mortar stores in Canada
17. Canadian Information Systems - Calibrated Toporama Maps
18. - Calibrated Toporama Maps
19. Island Blue
20. Digital Projections
21. - Govt. of Manitoba
22. NAVSIM Technology Inc.

General Information Links

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Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site
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