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GC43F3 - Brass Cap Cache
by outforthehunt ( visit online URL)

  BCP441 Peter Loughheed Provincial Park

N50 38.045     W115 07.353

Difficulty: 1.5 out of 5 | Terrain: 1.5 out of 5

Elevation 1679.5 metres

Added On 2009-07-01  

To log a find you need to e-mail outforthehunt (link) the numbers that are stamped on the cap and the year it was placed, a description of its location or a photo. You can then log your find on the GC43F3 webpage (link). Be sure to include the cap number BCP441 in your log.

Summary of Finds for BCP441 (Thanks van der Decken)

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Ryringvba 1683z

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 20 Nearest Brass Caps

BCP503 Smith-Dorrien Trail (6.75 kms N)
BCP208 Kananaskis Lakes (7.61 kms N)
BCP396 Mount Rae (10.47 kms E)
BCP663 Northover Ridge (10.49 kms SW)
BCP554 Kent Ridge (10.61 kms NW)
BCP538 Mount Lipsett (14.94 kms SE)
BCP651 Mount Lawson (15.89 kms N)
BCP531 Mt Inflexible (17.47 kms N)
BCP676 Fortress (20.95 kms N)
BCP476 Gibralter Mountain (21.25 kms E)
BCP494 Fortress Ridge (22.46 kms N)
BCP506 Fisher Ridge (22.60 kms N)
BCP465 Mount Loomis (23.86 kms SE)
BCP448 Threepoint Trail (24.51 kms NE)
BCP618 Limestone Ridge (25.06 kms N)
BCP376 Mist Mountain (27.07 kms SE)
BCP756 Surveyors Ridge (27.32 kms E)
BCP513 Volcano Peak (28.27 kms N)
BCP697 Mount Kidd (29.22 kms N)
BCP738 Lower Mustang Hill (30.93 kms NE)



Elevation 1683m

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