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    In the news - Canada / World
  'Sweetie' sting nabs 1,000 alleged online child abusers


Dennice's Writings


    Dennice's Original Artwork
    Will To Survive
    My Pics as a Child
    Why After All This Time?
    Journal Excerpts
    Spiritual Beliefs
    I'm A >g<

Owner's Manual

    The Four Agreements
    Emotionally Healthy Children.
    Basic Human Rights
    Dealing With Anger Assertively
    Emotional Memory Management
Sense of Safety
    Accepting Basic Human Rights
    I have the right to:
    Assertiveness Hierarchy
    Assertiveness Inventory
    Assertiveness Quotient
    The Dynamics
    What is Assertive Behaviour?
    Training for Assertive
    Negative Self-Talk
    Challenging Dysfunctional Beliefs
    Nonverbal Triads:
    Thinking Habits
    Self-Esteem & Self Care
    Abusive Power & Control Tactics
    How to be Depressed and How to be Happy
    Emotional Memory Management: Positive Control Over Your Memory

 Child Abuse & Exploitation

    Child Prostitution & 'Kiddie' Porn
    Exploitation of Children
Criminal Code Canada
R. v. Sharpe
Alert List
Myths about False Memories
Cults in our Midst
Pedophiles and Child Molesters
Indicators Of Child Sexual Abuse
Keep Kids Safe
Child Protection Guide
The History of Child Abuse
The History of Child Abuse2
Warning Signs of Abuse
Pedophila is Defined

Sexual Assault

Acquaintance Rape & Campus Sexual Assault
Male Rape
Sexual Assault Survivor Guide
Sexual Intercourse with Female Under Fourteen

Resources & Information


    Get Political
    Recommended Readings
    Recommended Readings Part II
    A Guide for the Intelligent Patient
    Survivor's Chat rooms
    Continuing Links
    Resources & Ritual Abuse
    Stop Prison Rape
    Continuing Possible Contacts
    Survivor Links Page
    Recovery For Men
    Personal Pages
    Recovery Resources
    Survivors' Links
    Survivor Links Page
    Associated Disorders
    Related Support Links
    Resource Sites for Survivors
    Child Abuse Survivor Resources
    Suicide = NO choices left

Other Causes


Domestic Violence

Get Out!
Security Tips Index
DV Index
Warning Signs
Clothesline Project
Spousal Homicide
Custody and Visitation by the Abuser
Characteristics: Victim/Survivor
Wondering? Do I Have A Problem?
Why Battered Victims Stay
Family Violence
Don't Just Stand There do Something!
Truth About Dating Violence

Issues of Interest

Matthew Shepard Foundation's Erase Hate Project
Issues of Interest other than CSA
Breast Cancer
Waris Dirie "Desert Flower"
FGM - Female Genital Mutilation
Dental Tips For Survivors
Kharre's self-injury coping methods
Womyn's Issues
Womyn's Oppression
How kids with gay parents are faring

Webrings & Awards



Against Domestic Violence
Survivors Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence
Divine Divas of the Web
Enlightened Women of the Web
Flying Wings
Gals With Great Homepages
4 Life 4 Me
It Will Not Hurt Forever
Let The Truth Ring Out
Messages with Meaning
Survivor's Sites
Survivor's Badge of Courage
Survivor of Abuse
Life's Survivors
Survivor Webrings
Women of Strength & Beauty
Garden of Friendship
Verbal Abuse Hurts Too
*~Proud to be a BITCH~*
GoF Causes
The Courage to Heal


Inspiration for the Survivor in all of us
Personal Achievement Award 
Site Excellence
For those who have suffered DV
Various Awards
Positive Steps Award
Phenomenal Women of the Web
Various C.C.
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A strange old lady
What I Have Learned In Life
Advice From A Failure
The Little Prince
Love & Peace
What do Angels look like
Please Touch Me
Reasons NOT to Kill  Yourself.
My Creed
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
Words of Wisdom
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