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Mon, October 6, 2003

Pedophile applying for statutory release

Edmonton - Convicted pedophile Karl Toft wants to live on his own in the community.

The National Parole Board is holding a two-day hearing into whether Toft, 67, should be granted statutory release.

Toft is serving a 13-year sentence for 34 counts of sexual assault against 18 boys and currently lives in an Edmonton halfway house, where he's allowed unescorted day outings.


He has served two-thirds of the sentence, which allows for statutory release.


Toft committed the crimes while working as a reform school guard at New Brunswick's Kingsclear Youth Training Centre.


Last month, Toft violated a parole condition when he got into an auto dealership van with a driver under the age of 18.


But he called his parole officer when he realized the age of the driver. The parole board ruled he would not be put back in jail because he had not intentionally violated his parole.


Peter Goldring, Canadian Alliance MP for Edmonton Centre-East, says Toft should be locked up permanently and will stage a protest outside the hearing Monday.


He said Toft should be sent back to New Brunswick, the scene of the crimes, and that he will fight any decision to give him more freedom.


Det. Wil Tonowski, with the Edmonton Police high-risk offender program, says Toft attends all his rehabilitation sessions.


"He appears to have made gains and so far, he's walking the talk that he's giving us, and that talk is that he does not want to re-offend, he does not want to hurt another child and those are very positive sorts of comments coming from him," Tonowski said. "Mind you, we've been fooled before, and some of these guys are masters at manipulation and we are well aware of that.


"So that's why we also have to monitor him as well."

Parole board in Edmonton won't ease release rules for pedophile Karl Toft

EDMONTON (CP) - A National Parole Board panel refused Monday to ease parole conditions for pedophile Karl Toft, citing his continuing lack of remorse for molesting dozens of boys at a New Brunswick reform school.

The decision means Toft will continue to live at a halfway house rather than on his own in the community. "We are not taking action to change the conditions of your statutory release," parole adjudicator Elizabeth McKall told Toft. "It's important to the board that you acknowledge the number of people you've harmed and that you establish remorse."

The board members said they were also concerned about the way Toft handled himself last month when he was getting his car serviced and accepted a ride in a courtesy vehicle driven by an 18-year-old. Any contact with a young person is considered a breach of his release conditions.

Toft, 67, was once a guard at the Kingsclear Youth Training Centre in New Brunswick. He is serving a 13-year sentence for 34 counts of sexual assault against 18 boys. The assaults were committed while he was working at the centre.

But he has admitted assaulting as many as 200 boys from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s while he was at the reform school, but the number of victims could be even higher. A compensation report says there could be as many as 1,400 offences.


August 2, 2001

CONTACT: Dean Parthenis
Media Relations Section
(780) 421-3551


In the interest of public safety, the Edmonton Police Service is issuing the following warning:

Karl Richard TOFT will be released from the Bowden Institution on Friday, August 3, 2001 after serving a sentence for numerous convictions for sexual assault, buggery and indecent assault. TOFT has received some Sex Offender treatment, however, he is still considered to be a risk of significant harm and a high risk Sex Offender. 

His criminal convictions date back to 1992 for numerous sexual offenses perpetrated against male children aged 12 to 17 years of age, over an 18-20 year period. The Edmonton Police Service acknowledges that while Karl TOFT has received some Sex Offender Programming, and indications are that he has a desire to seek further treatment, at this time the EPS still has serious concerns about his continued high risk to the community.

The Edmonton Police Service is issuing this information and warning after careful deliberation and consideration of all related issues, including privacy concerns, in the belief that it is clearly in the public interest to inform the members of the community about Karl Richard TOFT.

The Edmonton Police Service believes that his presence on the street poses a risk of significant harm to the health or safety of the public.

Members of the public are advised that the intent of this process is to enable citizens to take suitable precautionary measures. Releasing this information is NOT intended to encourage people to engage in any form of vigilante action.

Note: This information is released under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, S.A. 1994 c. F - 18.5

'Granddaddy of all pedophiles'
Karl Toft destroyed hundreds of boys' lives during a 20-year reign of sexual terror. He's a free man this Friday
By ALAN CAIRNS-- Toronto Sun

 Canada's "worst-ever pedophile" Karl Toft will be released from prison Friday despite the fact that a New Brunswick victim compensation report obtained by The Sunday Sun reveals at least 1,400 alleged sex acts on 233 boy victims.

Karl Richard Toft


 And some victims allege in interviews that Toft may have abused as many as 700 boys in the 20 years he worked as a guard at Kingsclear training school.

 In other revelations, one former Kingsclear kid has alleged to police that he suffered lifelong damage to his penis when Toft ordered youths to cut it off with a knife.

 And on another occasion, the man alleges that Toft watched as training school bullies shoved a mop handle up his rectum.

 Toft, 65, once labelled the "granddaddy of all pedophiles," fondled, masturbated, fellated and anally raped boys on an almost-daily basis, victims allege in the compensation report, compiled at the end of last year.

 One former resident claimed Toft's abuse began when he was nine years old and continued weekly for a year.

 Another became Toft's foster son and claims he was subjected to "constant abuse," three times a week over three years.

 Many claimants allege Toft coerced them to have group sex with other boys.

 A total of 55 former residents claim Toft had anal intercourse with them. One victim alleges that Toft threatened to cut open his stomach if he resisted.

 Toft is set to be freed Friday after serving only two-thirds of a 13-year prison term.

 National Parole Board (NPB) documents suggest that parole board members, psychologists and prison case workers did not see the compensation records.

 An incredulous Steve Sullivan of the Ottawa-based Resource Centre for Victims of Crime said if the information hasn't been seen by Corrections Canada, prisons boss Lucie McClung has the power to suggest Toft should be kept in for his full term.


 "Given the number of victims and the number of assaults, this is a better picture of who Karl Toft really is," he said.

 Kingsclear was home to thousands of wayward and homeless boys from the early 1960s to its closure in the early 1990s. Some were petty criminals, others were sent there simply because their parents could not take care of them.

 The 233 approved claims against Toft are part of 252 that as of late last year were accepted as legitimate. New Brunswick has paid out about $10 million in compensation.

 Corrections Canada spokesman Tim Krause said Toft was not referred for detention because he didn't meet the criteria of being likely to seriously harm or kill before the end of his sentence.

 Krause said corrections had access to court transcripts from Toft's 1992 trial, had "contact" with New Brunswick prosecutors and also with RCMP involved in an "ongoing" probe.

 "We managed this offender with all of the expertise at our disposal," Krause said.

 After his 1991 arrest, Toft denied abusing boys, but later pleaded guilty to 34 charges that included sexual interference, sexual assault and buggery. As the years passed, Toft's count rose with it, starting at 80, then 100, 125, 150 and 200.

 While giving Toft statuary release last month, the NPB praised his success in sex offender programs and his good behaviour. It deemed his admissions of guilt as a positive sign.

 But the NPB's decision to release Toft has drawn howls of protest and threats of death from many victims.

 Several victims told both RCMP officers and The Sunday Sun they will hunt down Toft and kill him.

 "I'm only 46 years old for f---- sake, but health-wise I'm 90," said victim Blake McCaustlin of Saint John, N.B. blaming his physical and mental woes on past sex abuse by Toft and others.

 "I'm f-----. I've got prostate cancer, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure. If they let this motherf----- out, I'll just have to do it."

 Some say Toft's admissions and the 233 compensation claims are the tip of Toft's iceberg.

 "He's the worst-ever pedophile in Canadian history. And we're nearing 700 victims," John Fearon, 49, claimed from his downtown Toronto home.

 Fearon, who has not accepted compensation because he does not want to waive his rights to see Toft prosecuted on criminal charges, has told RCMP investigators that he was sexually abused on scores of occasions by Toft.

 He said that in one incident, Toft ordered four Kingsclear kids to cut off Fearon's penis with a knife.

 "Karl Toft took a scout knife out of his pocket ... he gave it to (a kid) and told him to teach me a lesson, cut my penis off. They proceeded to do that, halfway," Fearon alleged.

 Fearon also alleged that sex assaults by either Toft or another guard led to him contracting the herpes simplex C virus. He also alleged Toft once watched as youths beat him and shove a mop handle up his rectum, causing serious medical problems.

 Norm Bosse, a Saint John, N.B., lawyer who has helped more than 100 former Kingsclear residents seal financial packages, told The Sunday Sun it is unthinkable that Toft tallied only 200 victims.

 "Let's assume Karl Toft abused 30 boys in each of 20 years, that's 600 potential victims. The math is anybody's guess. If it's only 20 a year for 20 years, that's 400," Bosse said.


 Scores of victims allege in the compensation documents that Toft coerced them into sex by promising cigarettes, candy, outings, good treatment and early release, or under threat of being punished, put into segregation, held for their full sentences or being denied family visits.

 Toft allegedly abused the boys in the gym, the equipment room, the showers, washroom, hallways, school office, nurse's station, closed-down dorms and in the nearby woods.

 Several allege Toft took them out to summer camp, to an old schoolhouse or to sleep overnight at his own home.

 "He's a lying bastard," said Bennie Laxton, a successful Kitchener, Ont., car sales and leasing manager who was the first Kingsclear victim to receive a compensation package.

 Laxton shocked a public inquiry into Kingsclear seven years ago when he alleged Toft introduced him to former New Brunswick premier Richard Hatfield and during a ride in Hatfield's Bricklin, Hatfield offered him cash for sex.

 Hatfield was linked to several Kingsclear boys at the inquiry.

 While many victims name another guard and a former maintenance man as abusing them independently of Toft, one man alleged yet another guard "was involved with Toft."

 In the compensation documents, another 19 residents have detailed sexual abuse by 13 staff members other than Toft. Several victims allege that Toft headed a ring that supplied boys to numerous pedophile friends.

Monday, July 30, 2001

Pedophile's victims want vigilante justice

Canada's "worst ever pedophile" Karl Toft is a dead man walking if he's released from prison this week, his victims say.

Toft, 65, will be freed Friday after serving two-thirds of a 13-year sentence, despite the fact a New Brunswick victim compensation report obtained by The Toronto Sun alleges Toft engaged in at least 1,400 sex acts on 233 boys while working as a guard at the Kingsclear training school.

National Parole Board (NPB) documents suggest a two-member panel did not see the shocking report when it approved Toft's conditional release to an Edmonton halfway house.

"The threat to Karl Toft will be very real, very fast," said Frank Darlow of Saint John, N.B., who claims he was forced repeatedly to have sex with Toft and was anally raped by a second Kingsclear guard.

"Revenge and anger will set in with some of these victims and anything can happen. They've got nothing to lose," he said.

The RCMP has contacted several victims to assess the threat to Toft's life, The Sun has learned.

Former Kingsclear ward John Fearon said he's heard from "numerous" victims who want vigilante justice.

"One guy told me, in his mind, he'll be a hero if he kills Karl Toft. To other victims he'll be a martyr," he said.

Fearon called yesterday on Corrections Canada Commissioner Lucie McClung to revoke Toft's release and hold a detention hearing based on the New Brunswick compensation report.

Corrections officials could not be reached for comment yesterday. But in an earlier interview, spokesman Tim Krause said Toft was not referred for detention because he didn't meet the criteria of being likely to seriously harm or kill before the end of his sentence.

The compensation report is just the tip of the iceberg, said Fearon, who estimates as many as 700 boys were sexually exploited by Toft.
Among findings in the report complied last year:

  • Toft fondled, masturbated, felated and raped boys on almost a daily basis, victims allege.
  • Dozens of residents said Toft coerced them into sex with promises of cigarettes, candy, outings and early release. Those who resisted were punished, put in segregation or denied family visits, they claim.

    One resident became Toft's foster son and claims he was abused three times a week for three years.

    Karl Toft victim denounces parole for pedophile

    CTV News Staff

    A victim of convicted pedophile Karl Toft is outraged that he will soon be released to a half-way house in Edmonton, saying it's just a matter of time before Toft reoffends.

    John Fearon, 50, called Toft a ticking time bomb and his release into the community after serving two-thirds of a 13-year sentence will put the community at risk.

    "He is now going to be able to go into the community when he wants," Fearon told CTV's Canada AM on Friday.

    "His only new restrictions are that he must go to a treatment program in the daytime and he must return to this facility at night. What he does in the interim, who knows?"

    In a letter to Toft, the National Parole Board said he will be moved from the minimum security Grierson Centre in downtown Edmonton to the adjacent Stan Daniels Healing Centre. The move is expected to take place within several weeks.

    A Corrections Canada spokesman confirmed that after he's moved, Toft will be allowed to go out alone. But Edmonton police said any trips would have to be approved in advance by his parole officer and Toft will have to provide details, such as where he is going and when he'll be back.

    Toft, who worked at a youth training centre near Fredericton, N.B., is serving time for 34 sex crimes committed on boys between the mid-1960s and mid-1980s. He's admitted to assaulting at least 200 boys -- including Fearon when he was 13 years old -- over a 35 year period.

    In August 2001, plans to send Toft to an Edmonton halfway house were scuttled following public outcry that prompted a review of his case. However, board officials now say Toft must be released on mandatory supervision.

    "All they can do is put as stringent guidelines as possible on him, but they have no control. There's no controls left," Fearon said.

    Toft's therapists claim he has made progress in treatment, attending five counselling sessions a week, but they say further improvement would be based on Toft leaving the institution and applying his treatment in a community setting.

    Fearon said he has been scarred for life by Toft's actions and not even a lifetime of treatment could cure Toft of his pedophilia.

    "Every day, every night, it was like it was yesterday. It will never go away," Fearon said.

    "The top medical officials in this country have told me there is no cure for the type of pedophile that Karl Toft is."

    In July 2001, the Edmonton police high-risk offender unit assessed Toft as being likely to reoffend.


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