Atlantis Little Helper

Atlantis Little Helper, ALH for short, is a client application for Atlantis PbEM games. It is simple and it is intended to be as much compatible with different varieties of Atlantis 4 as possible.

There were two design goals for ALH: simplicity and compatibility. ALH is not overloaded with controls, it parses reports as little as possible and it is not pretending to know everything about Atlantis ruleset.

ALH is an Open Source project, it's licence is GNU GPL. It is cross-platform (Windows/Unix/Mac).
ALH is available as source code and as compiled Windows, Linux and OS X binaries.

Current version

ALH current version is 2.6.4, it has been released on 2009/04/10.

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Download Atlantis Little Helper

Version 2.6.4, released on 2009/04/10

Linux build uses wxWidgets 2.4.2, Windows - 2.6.1 and OS X - 2.6.4

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