Travelling Show & Fairground Ancestors, UK

Showmen, Circus & Fairground Travellers

Fairground Resources

Showmen 1851 Census & Misc 

Showmen & Other Travellers 1861 

Showmen & Other Travellers 1871 

Showmen & Other Travellers 1901 & 1911 

Showmen at Fairs: Up to 1900
Showmen at Fairs: 1901 to 1905    

Showmen at Fairs: 1906 - 1910 

Showmen at Fairs: 1911 to 1915

Newspapers Clippings, etc 

Travelling photographers, ghost shows and other optical exhibitions

Fairground Resources (newspaper sources)

Fairs and Feasts 

Fairs and Feasts 

Reynolds Original Birmingham Almanack 1851

Map of England and Wales Railways, 1887

England & Wales Railways, 1887  (Bartholomew's Gazetteer)

Other Resources

The Fairground Society  (Platform Magazine)

Fairground Heritage Trust  

Romany and Traveller Family History Society

An English Traditional Music Archive: Past Musicians  (many travelling musicians with showmen, theatricals, etc.)

Joyland Books

Wall of Death Album

Access to Archives

The London Project 

UK Public Libraries on the Web

The Monte/Williams Showmen

The Williams Family Showmen (of Warrington) 

Randall Williams - King of Showmen

"Wanted, a Few Useful People for the Ghost Business"

Randall Williams Exhibits (ghost show farces and films)

The Monte Williams Showmen 

Williams and Monte Photographs

Haydon and Urry Ltd 

Williams, Monte, and Haydon & Urry References

Other Travelling Show Families

Proctor's Circus  

Duffy's Circus 

The Twigdon Showmen

The William & Henrietta Wilson Family  

James Wilson's Family History (incl. Gess & Rosaire families)

Pat Collins Fun Fairs

Codman Gallery 
The Tuby Family - A Showman Supreme

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