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Welcome to  www.parentsandproviders.com.  We are a community of dayhome/home childcare providers offering childcare services inside our homes. Our goal is to unite parents with dayhome/home childcare providers.  We also hope to offer the best quality of care available.


The menu on the left will help you navigate our site.  Currently we have dayhome/ home childcare listings for the following areas:


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The Parents and Providers dayhome/childcare directory is free to all dayhome/home childcare providers.  If you wish to have your dayhome/ home childcare facility listed on the directory please send an email.  Make sure you add all the details you wish to see for your listing.  The dayhome/childcare directory is a wonderful resource for parents seeking childcare for their children.  However, please remember that even though a provider has a listing in your area they may not have an opening today.  We recommend that you leave your name and number with the dayhome/home childcare provider so they can contact you when an opening comes available.  Changes in the home do occur as other parents move, have new babies, leave their current employment, etc.  These changes can occur quite quickly and unexpectedly. 


The Parents and Providers site also offers a discussion forum with very helpful and resourceful information for all parents and childcare providers.  The forum board offers updated childcare ads from dayhome/childcare providers that currently have available spaces in their homes.  Please feel free to browse through those ads and contact the dayhome/childcare provider to inquire about their home.  The forum also offers parents an opportunity to post childcare-needed ads for free.  This is a good resource for parents.  If a dayhome/childcare provider in your area has an opening that accommodate you and your family they can contact you directly.   Many parents have been successful in finding quality childcare from these ads.


The discussion forum also offers many informative resources regarding dayhome/ home childcare. The forum is free to all who register as a member!


Thank you for visiting www.parentsandproviders.com and we hope to see you on "Board"!




We would like everyone to understand that this is just a listing of dayhomes and not an endorsement of the dayhomes. 

Parents need to screen prospective providers before placing their child in care.