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The Orchid family is the largest plant family in the world. There are over 25,000 different species growing naturally in the wild. In addition, there are over 100,000 hybrids which are man made crosses.

Orchids grow on all continents except Antarctica with the highest concentrations in the tropics. Some grow in the ground, such as our native ladyslippers, but many others are epiphytic, attaching their roots to bark on trees. Others grow on rocks and some grow underground, only sending their flowers above the surface, such as the coralroot orchid that grows throughout BC.

Our Club

Established in 1993, we are a group of about 30 people, from the Central Okanagan area, who are interested in growing orchids. Beginners to experts, of all ages, are welcome to join us!

We meet monthly, usually the THIRD Sunday of the month, September to June, at the EECO Center in Mission Creek Regional Parkon Springfield Rd, (at the intersection of Springfield and Durnin Roads near Orchard Park Mall).

We start arriving around 1:30pm, the meeting starts at 2pm and lasts until about 4pm.

Meetings include a discussion of orchids brought to the "Show Table", a refreshment break, usually a special presentation related to orchids, and sales of orchids and materials.

Joining our club is the best way to improve your success at growing orchids or to learn what to do if you are an interested beginner.

Your first meeting is free! Thereafter, the membership fee is $25/year, or prorated for the remaining meetings.

For more information call Nathan  250-215-3891

Native orchids: Ladyslipper and Coralroot orchids grow together in a Kelowna city park.

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Dino Baisi is a local supplier of orchids and materials as well as a member. See his website at