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also a weather station, photos, Fractal art, Picture Puzzles, 
Unusual Number Presentations.  
JavaScript Programs altered for Nintendo DSi.
Jigsaw puzzles:
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 1.  Talking Graphing Calculator for WindowsXP and Windows Vista, free.

See other free programs especially in 6.,  but also 7., 8., 11. below

For Visually Impaired and Seeing. Includes Talking Calculator and Talking Equation to Graph with musical notes to hear the Graph
 2.  Original Fractal Art, Microscope Images, and Music -- including Terragen scenes 
with objects using Terragen Helper
 Fractal Mountain scenes, other fractal images, some with imbedded photographs, music compositions
 3.  Some of my photos in thumbnail -- click on the thumbnail you are interested to see enlarged.    Photos and panoramas
 4.  (a) Picture Puzzles -- for fun.

 (b) Photo Puzzles with pieces

 Parts of small objects are magnified simply by using a scanner.  Can you recognize what they are?
 5.  Unusual Numbers(a) What are your chances of existing?
(b) Is there enough Oxygen in the Atmosphere?
(c)How much Oxygen is there for a person to survive in an air-tight enclosure?
(d)Which is the better Health Care System?
(e) No Aliens Among Us.  Why?
(f) Is Evolution a Certainty?
(g) How big is our actual universe compared to the part we can see (including all the astronomical instruments)?

Concerns: Sharia Law in Canada,  
Multiculturalism in Canada
 Number Calculations of interesting things
 6. To access many other Free Application Programs (zipped) click here:

These include talking programs, games, art programs, music programs, enormous numbers programs, code/decode programs,  math programs,  physics programs, fun numerology programs, pseudoscience programs, and others.



Started in April, 2002 -- My application programming language of best choice.    More will be added in time.. 
 7. To access the Free Visual Basic programs Click: Visual Basic Application Programs

These are older programs than the ones in 1. and 6.

which includes programs for Talking Graphing Calculator, Talking Books,  mathart, poetry, evolution, life and automation, code / decode and hidden messages, word and number pattern, math, Pi and other enormous number.
 8. To access the JavaScript/Java Applet programs Click: JavaScript Application Programs

JavaScript Programs altered for the Nintendo DSi 
(Most Finance ones done).

which includes programs for finance, day calculations, poetry, math, patterns and counting, evolution, Unicode, motivation, math art. Can be run directly on any internet browser.
JavaScript Programs altered for Nintendo DSi.
 9.  To access some TRUE BASIC programs Click: TRUE BASIC Application Programs  
 10.  Hooge Weather Station -- the Weather Station page isn't updated every 5 minutes for the current readings.  For history usually 3 days of weather information will be presented in the form of graphs and graphics.  Also displays UV and solar radiation readings.  You must refresh (in the menu of your internet browser) to see the newest display, else your computer will display what you had last time.

NEW:  See yearly graphs from August/ 2002.

The yearly graphs will be added as data accumulates, eventually.

When connected to the Internet the weather station is updated every 5 minutes based on readings every 2.5 seconds.
 11.  BrainsBreaker JigSaw Puzzles of local photos.  A number of interesting Jigsaw puzzles for you to try (maximum 108 pieces).
 12.  For the best in data acquisition and control hardware and software I would highly recommend the Labjack U12.  It is most reasonable in price.  For my 8 analog input data acquisition program click here and choose the LabJackGraph.exe software item.  For sensors and controls
 13.  Different Amateur Music Composing - Music for fun - for people that know little about music, but do enjoy it.  Compose music using numbers -- make midi's

Check this link:  National Center for Science Education:  Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools
What is evolution anyway?
Questions about a Global Flood

Some Recommended Books

Creative Imagination

Find out about the activity called Geocaching (GPS cache hunting), a sport which began in 2000 - my user name is ohooge
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In Society:
  Worst Voluntary Drug is Alcohol;  Worst Voluntary Health Hazard is Smoking;  Worst Voluntary Money Waster is Gambling.

Some recommended links:
Question of the decade:
Are Religious people less moral then atheists?:
(1) The Dark Side of Faith - Los Angeles Times
(2) Journal of Religion and Society - the original research paper mentioned in the above link  Where there are a column list of Figures you click on each one to see separate charts for different factors mentioned in the paper.
(3) A related topic:   Alternatives to evolution - are they scientific?
(4) Some of the stats used in the paper.

Free Will

A Brief History of the Apocalypse 

A Critique on "The Language of God" by Francis S. Collins

My other web site: Naturalism and Religious Experience (A Summary)
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