Madeline Bruce    Registered Psychiatric Nurse
Approved Counsellor for Victims Services, WCB
Associate Member of The Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association
Physician referrals and reports, 25 years of adult counselling experience


Affordable Qualified Counselling For Adults - Individuals and Couples

B.C. Disability Pension Applications - No Charge

In general, my clients tend to be working people or parent home-makers who function at a high level but who may have an acute problem for which they want consultation.

I have a very broad range of counselling experience having dealt with:

•  Depression
•  Relationship Issues
•  Marital Separation
•  Stress Management
•  Anger Management
•  Anxiety
•  Sexual Abuse
•  Couples Conflict
•  Assertiveness
•  Grieving
and more

Flexible hours for the benefit of working people and parents, including evenings and weekends.

Located in a residential area.

Coffee or tea is served

Clients have precious little time and money to spend on counselling these days and a long, leisurely developmental assessment is becoming a thing of the past. I zero in on the main problem quickly and focus on turning it around.

Occasionally, I find clients who require longer term supportive counselling over several years, and I lower my sessional fees accordingly.

The fee is $60.00 for an individual counselling session and $70.00 for a couple's counselling session.

Please E-Mail for more information
or to arrange a consultation

Telephone  250 741-1271

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