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Updated June 6, 2014

*** BADMINTON CANCELLED June 13 and June 27 ***


*** Our membership list is officially filled - I'll post on the website if we're open again at some point for people to join or rejoin our club ***
(If you haven't already signed up for the year, please don't come until further notice.)

Please see Location, Bulletin Board and the Playing Schedule (updated for 2014).


The Norberry Badminton Club has been in existence for many years (approximately 33 now!).   We have a friendly group who are interested in a fun, active, and competitive atmosphere.

There are no training or practice sessions organized by the club; we strictly "come to play".

Our facilities are due to the hospitality of the Division Scholaire Franco-Manitobain and are normally at Centre scolaire Léo-Rémillard on Fridays at 6:00 p.m.

Please check the Bulletin Board for alerts for cancellations or other news.

If you are not already a member, please see our new members policy.

Photo Gallery

At Our Old Location (Hastings School)