13. What else do you do?

I received my degree in Linguistics and French from the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, after graduating from Hamilton Teachers' College, where I had specialized in teaching French as a Second Language. I have taught English and French as Second Languages to children and adults in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia since 1968. I currently teach English as a Second Language to foreign students at a private college in Vancouver, BC, Canada (and have been there since 1984). I opt to work only part time, as this gives me the free time to take part in the various voluntary endeavors that give me so much pleasure, and benefit others, namely: giving seminars to children on not smoking; interpreting for French-speaking people who have to visit a doctor, lawyer or government agency; sundry activities for AIRSPACE Action on Smoking and Health; organizing the Block Watch Program in my neighborhood for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( R.C.M.P.); visiting elderly and infirm patients in the hospital with my dog; helping high school students—and others—who want to quit smoking; and various tasks (e-mailing, phoning, mailing, interviews, etc.) for NO KIDDING!. I also jog, hike, cycle and play volleyball several times a week. If I had dependents, I would have to work full time—if not overtime—just to make ends meet, devote a lot of my free time to them, and give up many—if not all—of the beneficial activities that I enjoy.

In addition to my teaching duties, I conduct workshops, based on my books, Games Language People Play and Whatcha Gonna Learn from Comics? (both are available through Pippin Publishing—visit their website at http://www.pippinpub.com), for language teachers throughout Canada and the United States on a freelance basis. Having dependents might have precluded my writing those books, and might have prevented me from traveling around North America giving workshops.

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(18 Feb 2007)