I was renting this film when I was really getting into horror films during the late winter of 1994 along with other videos like Sleepaway Camp 2 and many more cause back then you could rent 7 old movies for 7 days for like 10 dollars. A shame there's not a deal on stuff like that anymore.
I absolutely loved the first flick as it was dark and creepy. You kinda wonder where Wes Craven got such a twisted idea Then I started to rent the rest of the films but they weren't as scary. At the same time they were well done with lots of great special effects so I enjoyed them too.
Now, I own all the Elm Street flicks as well as having some novels, soundtrack albums, comics, board game, costumes and some Krueger displays too. I will always adore the Elm Street flicks and this site is dedicated to the fans of the original series and not the remake
- Greg Tiderington.

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