There were many other slasher films that had similar situations and had similar fans so let's go through this page to find out what these movies were. Some were made before and some after.

Freddy Krueger became a household name for the slasher craze. During the mid 80's the Nightmare sequels became comedic as Freddy was making jokes while doing his victims away and it inspired other filmmakers to make slasher films with killers similar to Freddy. Let's review some of there killers shall we?

Name: Horace Pinker
Film: Shocker
Year: 1990

Bottom Line: Horace was a psychopath killer who found the humour like Freddy with his killings as he was a TV repairman and killed people in a small town. One of his surviving victims can seem to track Pinker in his dreams. Finally he is tracked down and given a death sentence but Pinker made a deal with the devil and ends up living through electrcity and possesses people's bodies. Of course Wes Craven wanted to invent a new Freddy Krueger but didn't go far.

Name: Russ Thorn aka Driller Killer
Film: Slumber Party Massacre 2
Year: 1987

Bottom Line: In the first flick, an insane killer named Russ Thorn with a giant drill escapes from a mental hospital and decides to do in teenagers having a slumber party at a nearby neighborhood. After he is killed he returns in the sequel reincarnated as a 50's greased rock star. The only sane survivor Courtney has nightmares of the killer returning and then killing his sister who is in a mental hospital since that night at the slumber party. Eventually Courtney's nightmares comes true while she is staying at a relatives condo for the weekend to jam with her all girl rock band and to be with their boyfriends. Russ certainly behaves like Krueger alright as this film steals from the Nightmare sequels. He slaughters people at the condo one by one.

Name: Angela Baker
Film: Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers/Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland
Year: 1988-89

Bottom Line: In the beginning Angela was a boy named Peter who lived with his Aunt Martha and cousin Ricky due to a terrible boat accident that killed his family and only gave Peter a head injury. Aunt Martha decided to dress him up as a girl while Ricky was staying at his father's house and named him Angela cause that was the name of his sister who died in the boating accident. Years later Angela and Ricky went to camp and Angela killed several nasty people. Angela was taken away to a psych ward and had a sex change. She was free after a few years there and returned to a nearby camp called Camp Rolling Hills as a camp counsellor. She did in naughty kids there using jokes along the way. Then a year later she returns to the camp disguised as a teenager doing her same evil deeds. The writer of the sequels tried to make Angela a Freddy Krueger type character since Nightmare was so big during this era which was very unlike the first one in 1983. Not only that, Angela was the only one from the original movie to return to the sequels since thwe writer wanted to take the sequels in a different direction. However, due to a lack of a good storyline to the sequels Angela makes a great killer using every deadly device she can think of.

Name: Chucky
Film: Child's Play
Year: 1988

Bottom Line: Chucky was a psychotic killer the police have been after. He breaks into a toy store one night and hides from the police but he is wounded from a gun shot. However, he uses a voodoo spell and puts his soul into a "Good Guys" doll. The police thinks that Chucky is dead. The next day a mother buys a "Good Guy Doll" for his son's birthday. Unfortunately she buys the doll that Chucky's soul is in. While her son is out playing with his doll Chucky ends up killing people using alot of profanity and jokes. Yes Chucky could be compatible to Freddy Krueger indeed.

Name: Hoax
Film: 9-7-6 Evil
Year: 1989

Bottom Line: Hoax was a shy nerd at a school who was constantly being picked on by bullies and abused by his religious fanatical mother (Similar to Carrie). He calls a toll call 976-EVIL which was a number his tough cousin Spike called but never knew Spike got into some dangerous moments. Hoax seeks revenge on his tormentors and slowly turns into a demonic killer using lots of Krueger humour. Of course this would be a Krueger type flick cause he directed it himself.

Name: Lester Bacon
Year: 1987

Bottom Line: Lester Bacon was a disturbed slaughterhouse owner who filed bankruptcy and always had teenage pranksters hanging around his slaughterhouse. Well when it was time to sell his slaughterhouse he set his rotund retarded son Buddy to butcher off the people responsible for his bankruptcy using a meat cleaver as well as the teenage kids hanging around his property. Lester uses sick jokes with his killings cause this movie was not at all good or scary. Lester would be convincing as Krueger's father.

Name: Barbara O'Connor
Film: Grandma's Secret Recipe
Year: 2002

Bottom Line: Barbara O'Connor isn't your ordinary Grandmother. Yes she makes cookies and knits sweaters but if you refuse her cookies and mouth off at her or drives her crazy she'll slay you. If you just drive you crazy she'll use you for her secret recipe. If you mouth off at her she'll consider you bad meat and she always throws away bad meat. Freddy meet your Grandma!

Name: Angela
Film: Night of the Demons
Year: 1988

Bottom Line: There's another killer named Angela who is into the gothic lifestyle. Her and her friends decide to have a Halloween party at an old abandoned funeral parlour called the Hull House, rumored to be built on an evil patch of land & underground stream. Angela does a seance which awakens a demon. The demon possesses Angela and most of her friends but Angela leads her possessed friends to do more slayings and her personality does resemble to Freddy's while she kills.

Name: Leprechaun
Film: Leprechaun
Year: 1993

Bottom Line: The Leprechaun is a total Krueger clone. The Leprechaun is a mean little fellow that doesn't like to play by the rules, and will kill anyone who goes near his gold. A somewhat delusional man named Dan O'Grady brings home the gold from Ireland after he caught the leprechaun, only Leprechaun had followed him and wreaks havoc until Dan locks him in a crate and attempts to burn him, but has a stroke. 10 years later two people buy the O'Grady's house. A mentally challenged carpenter goes down in the basement and accidentally releases the Leprechaun and another carpenter took his gold and the Leprechaun will kill anyone till he finds all his gold.

Name: The Imp
Film: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
Year: 1988

Bottom Line: The Imp was a demon released accidentally from a bowling trophy in a mall by two girls who wants to get into the fraternity and a bunch of college nerds. The Imp grants them wishes only to be phony and possesses the main fraternity sisters and uses up all sorts of jokes with the killings.