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Constructionism / Constructivism

University of Colorado at Denver. School of Education

by Annie and John Selden: the Mathematical Association of America

Postmodernism and Social Constructionism: postmodern Campfire
(online forum)

Constructivism in Education
Constructivism in Education is a compilation of writings of international educational scholars from the Alternative Epistemologies in Education Conference held in 1992. The focus of the conference, and thus the book, are in-depth discussions concerning Radical Constructivism and Social Constructionism as innovative learning and teaching strategies. Constructivism grew from the work of Jean Piaget. Much of Social Constructionism is based on the work of L.S. Vygotsky.
Steffe, L.P., & Gale, J. (Eds.)

Social Constructionism Links

The Virtual Faculty
"This 'virtual faculty' began to form in late 1994. As faculty members we share a sufficient common interest to have enabled us to come together in this networked forum nearly one year later. Perhaps the 'key plank' in our common interest is what has been termed 'the discursive turn' (aka 'the second cognitive revolution') that has begun to occur in a number of areas of contemporary psychology..."

Virtual Faculty Links Page

Research Sources on Concepts of Person and Self
Online texts related to topics concerning Person, Self, Personal Identity, Self-Consciousness, Self-Knowledge, etc.

Kenneth J. Gergen
Page is maintained by Ted Chan.

Kenneth J. Gergen
Another Gergen homepage, containing full text articles

Constructivism and narrative psychology
Luis Botella

PCP list at
This list is concerned to offer both a forum for the discussion of Personal Construct Psychology, in terms of the theoretical and methodological concerns of this discipline, and an analysis of the relationship between this discipline and other perspectives within the social sciences.

Social Constructivism: Broadly Defined

"Constructivist learning is based on students' active participation in problem-solving and critical thinking regarding a learning activity which they find relevant and engaging. They are "constructing" their own knowledge by testing ideas and approaches based on their prior knowledge and experience, applying these to a new situation, and integrating the new knowledge gained with pre-existing intellectual constructs."
Information on Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert, Jerome Bruner, Lev Vygotsky & John Dewey

Constructivism in Education
Joanne Gilbreath

Overview of Social Constructivism
Mainly Vygotsky

Constructivist views on learning

Constructivist Theory
(J. Bruner)

Epistemological Constructivism (Principia Cybernetica Web)
by F. Heylighen

Constructivism and Related Sites

Against cognitivism: the discursive construction of cognitive mechanisms
Andrew Lock


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