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NCPG - Nijmegen Cultural Psychology Group
Welcome to the homepage of the Nijmegen Cultural Psychology Group (NCPG). This site is in a process of serious revision. One of the mayor changes that make this necessary is that the NCPG is no longer bound to Nijmegen. Right now we are stretching our wings and we will soon be back in a renewed form. The New Cultural Psychology Group will offer a forum to broader range of people interested in cultural psychology. In the meantime all of our papers, abstracts and other materials will remain available at this site. Please remember to update your bookmarks. Our current and future URL is Thanks for your patience and feel free to send us any feedback.

Culture and sentiments in a multicultural society

In june 2001 the NCPG will attend the 9th conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP). We will present two papers on the subject of culture & emotion. In our first paper we will sketch the outlines of an enactive theory of emotions. In our second paper we will use this approach in order to analyse some problematic aspects of deep-seated 'culturally constituted' sentiments in Dutch multicultural society. More specific, we will use the sentiments of 'honor' and 'shame' as a particular case to develop a theory of culturally framed emotions.


Conference on Dialogical Self

At the first International Conference on the Dialogical Self (23-26 june 2000, Nijmegen (NL)) the NCPG presented two papers:
- Toward a dialogical understanding of cultural patterns
(Cor Baerveldt & Harold van Grinsven).
- The need to approach culture psychologically: arguments from history and evolutionary psychology (Paul Voestermans & Cor Baerveldt).


Symposium Culture & Experience

The NCPG organized a symposium at the latest conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP), Sydney, April 25-28. The symposium was titled "Human experience and the enigma of culture: Towards an enactive account of cultural practice". You can find the original proposal and abstracts here.

Advancing Cultural Psychology

On a previous ISTP Conference (Berlin, April 27 - May 2 1997) the NCPG organized a symposium called "Advancing Cultural Psychology". Our intentions and the original abstracts can still be found here. The full texts of some of the papers are also available.


Völkerpsychologie, biology and culture theory

The NCPG attended the 19th Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences (ESHHS), Berlin August 25 - August 29, 2000. We presented a paper called "How Völkerpsychologie went astray: The birth of the inimical relation between biology and culture theory". An abstract of the paper can be found here.

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