2012 Grampian Rendezvous!

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Ahoy Again!

Calling all Grampians...

The 2012 sail-in is again planned for the August long weekend, August 4 - August 6, at the Ladysmith Maritime Society Marina on Vancouver Island.

Arrhh! If your boat is NOT a Grampian click here.



Things to do:

  • Saturday evening barbeque feast,
  • Meet and greet other Gramps,
  • Schmooze the boats,
  • Visit Ladysmith,
  • Relax...
  Important Note: 

We are booked for the August 6st long weekend and the marina is expecting a fleet of about 15 Grampians and friends. If you are planning to attend, let the marina know.

We are the Grampians, my friends
And well keep on fighting till the end
We are the Grampians
We are the Grampians
No time for posers
Cause we are the Grampians of the world

2012 will be our 13th Grampian Rendezvous! The first west coast Grampian Rendezvous took place on July 1, 2000 and we have been meeting each summer ever since. Last year about 12 boats were represented and we all seem to agree that we should keep on rendezvousing. This year we have decided to try Ladysmith.

Moorage at the marina is about $1.25/ft. Power is extra. Be sure to check the web for diversions. Kathy has arranged for more Grampian Burgees. If you want one, let Kathy know. She will have them at the Rendezvous.

Based on past experience, we anticipate that about 12 Grampians of all types will try to be present. Many of those attending stay until the Monday. We are keeping a muster of west coast Grampians, so we would like to know your name, email address, phone number, your boat name, year built, type and where it is located. To be on the list, please email Nigel Bell at nbell at shaw.ca

If you are reading a printed copy of this webpage, be sure to visit the website at this address: http://members.shaw.ca/nbell/rendezvous. More up-to-date, you will find that the page also provides links to additional information on the rendezvous, like west coast Grampians we know about, and the venue.

Present and past owners of Grampians and their crew are welcome to join the Rendezvous. Honorary Grampians are also welcome!

We are the Grampians!

See you there!