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Streamside Native Plants specializes in the propagation of trees, woody shrubs and perennials from Vancouver Island genetic stock. For many species, geographical variability is an important factor to consider for both plant survival under local conditions and the maintenance of populations naturally adapted to our region.

Although primarily grown for restoration projects, we also propagate a large selection of native shade and sun loving lilies, ground covers, ferns, shrubs, and other specimens to meet your naturescaping requirements.

We have experience in designing planting projects taking advantage of the best habitat qualities each native species has to offer. For specialized projects we can also custom propagate plants to meet your requirements.

Wholesale Pricing
The wholesale pricing applies to landscapers, developers, golf courses, parks departments, various levels of governments, schools, and streamkeeper societies.

Retail Sales
The general public are welcome to visit the nursery. It is advisable to phone 250-757-9999 first to make sure we will be on site.


Sudden Oak Death / Phytophthora ramorum

Updated January 24 2012 Contact information:
Streamside Native Plants
Division of Viking Marine/Outdoors Ltd
7455 Island Highway West
Bowser, British Columbia
Canada, V0R 1G0
Phone/Fax: 250-757-9999
Toll Free: 877-570-3138

The nursery is located at 7455 Island Highway West (Highway 19A) Bowser  B.C.  (click here for map)
During the year our business hours vary with the season and weather conditions. Phone the message centre at 250-757-9999 for hours of operation.

Photo - J. Jackson  

About the company:

Streamside Native Plants only sells plants that are native to coastal British Columbia.  Our customers include private home owners, developers, golf courses, parks departments, and various levels of governments.  We will ship plants anywhere in North America subject to local regulations.

The nursery is located on a certified organic farm.  Therefore no pesticides or herbicides are used on the plants.  An integrated pest management program (IPM) is used to control pests.  Weeding is done by hand.  We are a 'frog friendly' nursery.

Memberships include the Native Plant Society of British Columbia, and the College of Applied Biology British Columbia.

Richard Wahlgren is the owner/manger of Streamside Native Plants.  He received a BSc. (Agriculture) from the University of British Columbia in 1979. During the summer of 2000 the Malaspina University-College Fisheries Field Technician Certificate program was successfully completed. Currently he is enrolled as a biologist in training (BIT) leading up to a registered professional biologist (RPBio.) designation.  Locally, Richard is an active member of the Nile Creek Enhancement Society and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit 59 (Deep Bay).

Richard hooking up a sling to take a load of plants over to Gowland-Todd Provincial Park.