Type 99


            I bought this late Type 99 Arisaka rifle in December. Here is a picture of it with the Type 30 bayonet that came with it. For better shots of the bayonet, please see the separate section below. The Type 99 fired the 7.7mm X 58 Japanese round. At first they had lots of gee-gaws like an anti-aircraft sight, cleaning rod, dust cover, etc., but by the time this one was made they no longer added that stuff. However, they did still cut the grooves for the dust cover.


Here is a shot of the right side...



and herefs the left side.




This is a side view of the action...



and herefs a top view



This close-up of the serial number shows the series marking in a circle on the left, followed by the serial number, followed by the Nagoya arsenal symbol.



The series marking was a katakana (phonetic symbol) in a circle. This one is poorly struck and a little hard to make out, but it appears to be gnuh, which would indicate the tenth series. I have read that some people say this variant of the rifle should be called a gsubstitute Type 99h. The gnuh here is missing the upper horizontal stroke. Here is what a proper gnuh should look like:



This shot shows the back of the safety, which got cruder and cruder as the war went on. This one is welded and groughh (unpolished).



            Unfortunately, like most surrendered Japanese rifles, the Imperial chrysanthemum, referred to by collectors as the gmumh, has been ground off (above gas release hole).





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