Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions regarding Photo Rejuvenation. Photo Rejuvenation
is also referred to as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapy.

1. Q. How exactly does Photo Rejuvenation therapy work?

A. Photo Rejuvenation uses pulses of visible therapeutic light over many wavelengths that
deliver energy to all layers of the skin. Photo Rejuvenation uses treatments, which last about 30
minutes, on the principle that light is absorbed by color and that light generates heat. The vein,
or pigmented skin area is damaged by the heat and slowly disappears leaving a clear patch of
skin. This Photo Rejuvenation stimulation also increases collagen and elastin production. As the
cells are continuously activated, the collagen comes to the surface filling in fine lines and
wrinkles. More Info

2. Q. Are there any other benefits from Photo Rejuvenation therapy?

A. Yes, Photo Rejuvenation therapy increases blood circulation and oxygenation thus hydrating
the skin’s surface. When new cells come to the surface it repairs sun damage, age spots, pore
size and helps calm rosacea. (There is no known cure for rosacea.) More Info

3. Q. Why is it then, that Cosmetologists and Estheticians can use Photo Rejuvenation therapy?

A. Most, if not all cosmetology boards, have issued opinions that because Photo Rejuvenation
treatments are both non-invasive and non-ablative, they require no special licensing. Thus,
they are approved for use without special licensing.

4. Q. Where can I research Photo Rejuvenation Therapy?

A. There is a huge amount of data on the World Wide Web. You can find articles in Biophonitics
International (Oct. 2000), Popular Science (April 2000), National Geographic (Jan. 2001) as well
as a multitude of magazine articles that have been recently published due to the advent of
using Photo Rejuvenation Therapy for cosmetic purposes.

5. Q. Will Photo Rejuvenation therapy work on all types of people?

A. There isn’t any machine, system or treatment that will work on everyone. However, it is
estimated that Photo Rejuvenation will work on over 90% of the population. For those looking
for a non-invasive, minimal risk solution without any down time, it is ideal.

6. Q. What are some of the advantages of the Youth Light Machine over other Photo Rejuvenation systems?

A. We could go on forever, but just to hit some “high spots.” Price is the number one
advantage, plus the Youth Light machine will work on people of all skin colors. It is one of the
few machines that will work on people taking either Retin A or Accutane.

7. Q. Are there other Photo Rejuvenation systems in the market place?

A. Yes, but most other systems are laser driven, thus requiring an MD.

8. Q. How long do the treatments take?

A. The average treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, providing there are no special
preparations needed.

9. Q. How often can I take a Photo Rejuvenation treatment?

A. We suggest 10 day to 2-week intervals. Some technicians wait as long as 3 weeks. You
must give the cells time to regenerate themselves. Over use is counter-productive!

10. Q. Am I able to go back to work after a Photo Rejuvenation treatment?

A. Yes. Youth Light treatments leave no after effects whatsoever. It is another one of the
many advantages that Photo Rejuvenation treatments have. You can carry on all of your normal
activities and no one will be the wiser as to what you are doing.

11. Q. Once I am finished with my treatments, will I need to come back?

A. Yes, again, depending on your age and skin condition, you will be put on a maintenance
program. This can vary from 30 to 90 days. Check with your skin care specialist.

12. Q. How soon will I see results?

A. Most people will see results after the first treatment. All people will feel the results of a
softer, smoother skin that is tighter, more hydrated and has a “glamorous glow.”

13. Q. I have been receiving Microdermabrasion treatments. Will Photo Rejuvenation affect these treatments?

A. Photo Rejuvenation will complement Microdermabrasion, along with any other types of
cosmetic treatments, including the N Light, Botox, collagen injections, previous plastic surgery
and various laser treatments to name a few. Photo Rejuvenation has a “calming effect”.

14. Q. Where did IPL originate?

A. There are many theories, most attributed to Europe. In the USA, the science of Light Theropy has been practiced for over 30 years. It is being used in the Nasa Space Program to aid in the rapid healing of cuts, scrapes, and bruises. It is used in the medical proffesion ( with no reported side effects) in the treatment of jaundice, wounds, cuts, burns, and other types of pain.

15. Q. Can a salon use the Light for those types of treatments?

A. No, the Youth Light 2010 are configured for cosmetic processes only. you, your Cometoligist or Estetision are not licensed in the medical community.

16. Q. Are there conditions that IPL Therapy will not help?

A. Yes, It is not a substitute for cosmetic surgery. It will not help baggy or sagging skin. It will not cure the puffiness around the eye. It will not remove bumpy moles but may be able to remove their pigmentation. It can lighten freckling, however, if the freckling is genetic, it will reappear, it will not remove deep parallel blood vessels normally seen on the lower cheeks.

17. Q. Can the Youth Light 2010 IPL system hurt you?

A. No. there are n adverse side effects whatsoever. If the Technician is using skin care products of any kind in conjunction with the IPL treatments, it is advised that they consult with their client. ( some clients maybe allergic to certain products).

18. Q. Will IPL therapy work in all types of climates?

A. Yes; however, it has been reported that it works better in the cold climates due to the dry/cold and dry/heat. Hydration of the skin produces normal moisture balance.

19. Q. Can I take before and after pictures?

A. Yes, although you must use a high end digital camera in order to pick up the detail.

20. Q. Will IPL therapy remove age spots from other parts of the body?

A. Yes, the hands will take longer than other parts of the body because its so close to the bone and made up mostly of skin, viens and cartilage. It also has been found to help women with the "V-Neck" syndrome.

21. Q In addition to the hands, what other types of blemishes will the IPL Therapy help.?

A. The rule of thumb you may use is; anything that appears on the skin from outside sources from top down cn be removed over time. Any growths, pigmentations, ect from the skin up ( birth & beauty marks ect) cannot be removed.





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