Mysesia'tri'fyrre and Kissetra'Simuun

Mysesia'tri'fyrre, Song of EmbersKissetra'Simuun, Spotted Raven

The sun blazes overhead; you figure magic must increase the heat here and sap the air of it's moisture, especially since not far from here is a Beach and a moisture-rich Forest! The ground is a mix of sand and rock, golden and rose hues seeping into one another. Shrubby trees and prickly pear cacti grow nearby. You find refuge in a shady tree nearby to rest before venturing back out.

As you sit, you hear the thunder of hooves - listening closer you detect two distinct patterns. Two unicorns thunder in to view: one painted with all shades of brown and orange, and one lighter with dark speckles. Indeed, the speckled one has two blue hooves!

As they spy you, they turn in unison. They come to a halt in front of you and bow their heads, "Gam'cha, Traveller! Welcome to the Desert!" The paint unicorn speaks, a deep, rich tenor. "I am Mysesia'tri'fyrre, and this is Kissetra'simuun."

"How do you do," Kissetra'Simuun interjects before Mysesia'tri'fyrre carries on.

"We are Crystal Unicorns from The Valley. I'm sure by now you must have met many of our kind here. We are many now!" They both chuckle as you recall the many Crystals you've met, such as J'Kalla'Hamil, Fahl'Epon and Fali's'Zorie.

Kissetra'Simuun speaks up, her voice soft, "We chose the Desert because we both have fires in our hearts. The sand warms out hooves and bones and keeps us moving and running. We adore the heat and the zest for life it brings us...and it has blessed us with a filly."

The two bade you farewell after a bit and direct you to an oasis so you may take a drink of much needed water!

Here are Mysesia'tri'fyrre's Stats

Name: Mysesia'tri'fyrre
Translation: Song of Embers (Cryzet)
ID Number: 549
Gender: Male
Age: Stallion
Mother: Prerive'Warhmt
Father: Aneg'Xerxira
Siblings: See list
Birth Band: Zwrillian'Kado, Swirling Magic
Current Band: Dalli'Cayba, Painted Moon
Offspring: Amain'Epon
Species: Crystal Unicorn

Here are Kissetra'Simuun's Stats

Name: Kissetra'Simuun
Translation: Spotted Raven (Cryzet)
ID Number: 567
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Mother: Oasisdim
Father: Dawz'by
Siblings: See list
Birth Band: Simuun's'Sorren, Raven's Cry
Current Band: Dalli'Cayba, Painted Moon
Offspring: Amain'Epon
Species: Crystal Unicorn

The Valley

Silver Moon Desert

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