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Mag Mawhinney’s rural roots are proudly set in the Canadian West. She was born in Duncan, BC and, at the time, lived in a float house on the edge of Lake Cowichan, a little logging hamlet on Vancouver Island. When she was eight years old, her family moved to the Cariboo Region of BC and began a homestead logging business in the bush, just outside of 100 Mile House. Homesteads and ranches surrounded them and that is where Mag learned about the “real west”.

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For over a decade, Mag has been writing western/cowboy poetry and performing at major cowboy festivals, as well as other events, across Western Canada. Her recitations have also been aired on TV and radio.

Mag also enjoys freelance writing and has been published internationally in numerous magazines, anthologies, newspapers and web sites, winning some awards for her articles and for poetry, in all genres.

Mag is also a songwriter and, in addition to the four songs on her CD "Passin' It On", she has written a number of songs for other artists, from Canada and the U.S.

Her third poetry book “Dreams of Fast Horses”, states—“she writes with a humor that sometimes stretches the truth, but she also shows her sensitivity to the human spirit and her love for rural life.”

Mag Mawhinney presently lives in Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, near her birthplace.

Mag on horse
Mag (far right) with her Dad and sister, 1950
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