Dan Bergerud, Ph.D.

Welcome to the MATRIX web site. MATRIX is a matrix calculator program written to help linear algebra students. The program can be used to perform and check row reduction and other matrix operations. After each operation, the page scrolls up and displays the result below the last result. As the page scrolls, a record of all of the computations is created which may be reviewed or printed. The pages may also be saved as files.

MATRIX uses rational arithmetic and displays all fractions as formatted fractions. There are no "round off " errors and the number of digits in numerators and denominators is unlimited.

The effort has been made to make this interface friendly. Little time or instruction is required to start computing with MATRIX.

Matrix Screenshot


MATRIX screenshot



Please download   MATRIX  and test it. ( After downloading, simply run the self-extracting  file: matrix4.exe )  This is the full version of MATRIX which may be run ten times.


After MATRIX has run ten times, it must be enabled with an activation number. Activation of MATRIX is $15 US per copy. You can register one or more copies now by Pay Pal or credit card (click on the "buy now" button below) and your activation number will be emailed to you.

Or you can send a money order to:

Dan Bergerud
5354 Sooke Road
Sooke, B.C.
V0S 1N0

Include your email address and your activation number will be emailed to you.

Campus Site Licenses are also available as an affordable way for faculty and students to use MATRIX.