Doubleheader at Squamish

This site presents a gallery of photographs, mostly taken by my father, the late Dave Wilkie. I have divided the photographs into galleries, each represented by a menu button shown along the top of this screen.

Update November 14, 2009 - I redesigned the website and added a few more BC, Alberta, and USA pictures.

To view the photographs, select one of the menu items above to see a map with pushpins showing where the photographs were taken. Use the arrow keys above to advance through the photographs. Once the new map appears, press one of the pushpins to see the corresponding photograph and its accompanying information. Note that there may be several pushpins close to one another, so it may help to zoom in.


My thanks to the following people and sites whose ideas and code I shamelessly stole!

Marcelo's Maps API experiments (Minimap in Infowindow and shaded rectangle on main map)
Esa's Google Maps API experiments (ZMarker with color switching)
John T Guthrie (more minimap stuff)
Mike Williams' Google Maps API Tutorial (coordination between minimap markers and panel to the left that shows the photographs and descriptions; lots of other good stuff too!)

Photo at top: Dave Wilkie (on right) and Mike Wilkie, photographing the BC Provincial Museum Train, summer 1975, photograph by Beautiful British Columbia magazine.


Mike Dunham-Wilkie.