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Marius Samoila Web page

A. Contact information

E-mail:   E-mail  româneşte
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B. Software available for download

1.  DM Net Time & Watch Administrator: remotely enforce computer time restrictions and monitor application lauching and Web activity.   

Learn the details and download here.

2.  DMGraph ActiveX control: plots data sets (source code included) 

Full article with executables and source code available here:

3.  DMAFill add-on: storage & autofill for input data on Web pages

This program may be used to store sensitive data which user enters on Web pages. This data is used to automatically fill the Web page input fields when user navigates later. The data is stored encrypted on your computer in a file. See ReadMe file included in .zip file for details.

Download   (52 KB)

4.  Network traffic monitor

This program may be used to monitor the Internet traffic on a computer. It shows how many bytes were uploaded / downloaded. I might be useful to avoid extra charge if the Internet Service Provider sets a monthly traffic limit.

Download  (18 KB)

5.  Address Book

This program may be used store contact information about people. Data is stored in xCard format.

Download  (82 KB)

6.  vCard Editor

This program may be used to create and edit vCard (.VCF) files. Data is stored in vCard format.

Download  (64 KB)

7.  Executable for .RGS scripts

A .RGS file is a text file which contains a script to add/modify or remove registry entires. The syntax for a .RGS file is described in MSDN . This program takes as argument a .RGS file and executes the script inside. The .RGS syntax is used in ATL C++ projects and is more powerful

Download (3KB)

8. Copy network mapped drives to .DEFAULT user profile

Download (11KB) (windows GUI application) or (4KB) (console application)

9. Display and optionally record in a file Syslog messages (example: SysLog messages coming from a router)

Download (12KB)


In order to run above programs (sections 2. 3. 6.)  you need to have in your \windows\system32 folder some common DLLs:

DLL name minimal version available on
MsvCrt.DLL 6.0

If you already have these DLLs and their version is newer, do not replace them.

After you copy Atl.dll, you must register it before using. Just login as Administrator and execute this command:

>regsvr32 atl.dll


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