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My name is Derrick Rothermel. I now live in Kamloops B.C. Canada. I was raised in Calgary Alberta where I grew up as a kid fishing for Pike mostly at Lake McGregor and in the backwaters of the Bow River down by Carsland. I started fly-fishing for pike in the mid 60's while stationed in the RCAF in Saskatchewan. My first pike fly's were made of long hen's hackles and coax cable sheathing from the electric cables scrounged from the Radar towers, this made a very life like body ( the fore runner to mylar braid). It sure was deadly not only to the pike put to anyone in range of the caster as being hit by it was like being smacked by a baseball bat. They worked very well and were indestructible. I have continued to fly fish for pike for the rest of my fishing career in Alberta and British Columbia.

Five years ago I was invited to come up to Watson Lake in the Yukon Territories to fly fish for Northern Pike, I jumped at the chance although it was to be a 1085-mile drive one way. Man was it worth it and what an experience. I was given the chance to experience a Pike fly fisherman's dream come true. I spent one week there, treated like Royalty and had one of the best times of my life. I met two great fishermen Lyall and John who have since become my best friends.

I have been back and forth to Watson Lake for the past 5 years now and my best year for a two week trip has been approximately 500 pike ranging from 20" to 50". My largest was 55" about 38lbs. In the Yukon, a Trophy Pike is one that's over 41".

We use barbless hooks and practice catch and release just about all the time. We do enjoy a few meals of Pike but use only the smaller ones.

I have tried to enclose information to help all levels of fly fishermen. I hope to promote fly-fishing for Pike for beginners, as it is one of the most exciting fresh water fish to be caught on a fly.

For those who have not tried catching them and; have them in or close to where you live try them and watch out.

Tight lines and keep your fingers safe!


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