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Past Visiting Scholars are:

  1. Edward Broadbent - Former Leader of the Federal NDP, 1991

  2. Douglas Roche - Canadian UN ambassador for Disarmament Member and human rights expert, 1992

  3. Ovide Mercredi - Former first Nations grand Chief and avowed follower of non-violent principles, 1993

  4. Dr. Ursula Franklin - A noted Canadian scientist with life long work on the Principles of Mahatma Gandhi, 1994

  5. Aung San Suu Kyi - Burmese Opposition leader and Nobel Laureate, 1995

  6. George McRobie - Small Scale Technologies Expert, 1996

  7. Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford - An educator in Peace and non- violence, 1997

  8. Marta de la Vega Torres - Central American Peace activist for human rights, 1998

  9. Thomas Berger - Noted Lawyer, Former Chief Justice and human rights advocate, 1999

  10. Medha Patkar - Noted satyagrahi who has in the spirit of Gandhi led a successful campaign against the Sardar Sarovar project, 2000

  11. Lloyd Axworthy, A long time member of parliament well known for his significant contribution to work on the issues of arms control, land mines eradication and human security, 2001

  12. James Lawson, One of the few peace activists who has scientifically studied Mahatma Gandhi's technique of Non violence and has successfully applied it in the United States, 2002

  13. Dr. Samantha Nutt and Dr. Eric Hoskins from War Child Canada for their dedication in providing humanitarian assistance to the war affected children in Iraq, 2003

  14. Marilyn Gullison, for her dedication to Operation Eyesight and HUGGS Canada, 2004

  15. Michael Clague, for his work in the fields of adult education, social policy and planning, and community development, 2005

  16. Roy Miki, for his long and outstanding work and achievements in the Japanese Canadian redress movement, 2006

  17. James Pau, for his dedication to helping people by alternative medicine, 2007

  18. Free the Children- Marc Kielburger, for its unique work in creating the largest network of children helping children through education, with more than one million young people involved in various programs in 45 countries, 2008

  19. Ela Bhatt, for her longstanding efforts on behalf of poor women in India and for her work in forming the trade union of the Self Employed Women's Association in India, 2009

  20. Heribert and Kogila Adam, distinguished authors and teachers whose books on peacemaking and non-violent change in South Africa and in divided societies have brought them many honors, 2010

  21. John O’Brian, for his recent work on how the history of the imagery related to the Atomic Bomb has acclimated us to the bomb, 2011

  22. Jim Green, for his commitment to social activism, social housing in Vancouver, 2012

  23. Lee Lakeman,for her work on violence against women, 2013

  24. Jennifer Simons, for her work on nuclear disarmament, 2015