Welcome to Riverview Health Centre Nurses Website.

Riverview Health Centre is located at 1 Morley Avenue in Winnipeg, MB. Our Nurses are members of Local 1a of the Manitoba Nurses Union. We currently have approximately 200 full and part time Nurses, and 15 casual Nurses.

We thank the following business who supported our 51st AGM on March 7, 2016 by generously providing door prizes:
  * Kernels
  * L'Occitane
  * Edward Carriere Salon
  * Unimor Heathwear

If you have any union concerns that cannot be resolved with your manager please contact the Local President via email.

Local Executive 2016-2017







PresidentTheresa Dybka3East6136thedybka@gmail.com
Vice-PresidentTanis Woods3East6136taniswoods@shaw.ca
TreasurerJessica StothersCD46146jessica_mb@hotmail.com
SecretaryBarb Sing-Fredette4East6134barbsf@hotmail.com
MNU Board
Dana Orr3East6136do6608@gmail.com
Members–At–LargeReggie Labao3 West6142 
Paul Martin3East6136 
Gerri Robert4East6134 
Freshteh Mirzanejad4East6134 
Emilie Chee-A-Tow4East6134 
Workplace Safety & HealthCindy Colquhoun3 West6142 
Freshteh Mirzanejad4East6134 
Lisa Houston3West6142 
Ward RepsGenaro GuevarraAB units
Linda OlsonCD3
John Gordon4West
Clayton Fisher2West
Barb Olson2East
Louise LageCD1 (also covering CD2)
Jennifer King2East alternate