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Metis Nation of Ontario, Region 4..
Including the communities of Sault Ste. Marie,
St Joseph Island, Bruce Mines, and Thessalon.
Canadian Flag Metis Nation of Ontario,

N.C.M. Council
North Channel Metis Council

On October 25th, 2007, the former Thessalon and Bruce Mines / St. Joseph's Island council united to form the North Channel Metis Council.  The new interim council encompasses the territory from Blind River to Echo Bay along the north shore of lake Huron.

"This action will strengthen  the voice of MNO Citizens in the area and provide strong local governance," said Tony Belcourt.

MNO Chair, Gary Lipinks added, "With a strong voice at the community level, communities can identify and set there own priorities while working to improve the social conditions of the citizens, as well as ensuring Metis rights are being respected and dealt with."

"This new untied community council will better serve the Metis citizens of the north shore through a large volunteer base and enables us to pool our resources to secure programs and services for the Metis Citizens in our area," said Art Bennet, the newly appointed interim president.

President: Art Bennet Councillor: Chris Belisle
Chairman: Stan McHale Councillor: Wayne Tonelli
Sec/Treas:  Blair Sterling Councillor: Rick Bennet
Senator: Jack Leroux Councillor: Larry Folz

To contact any of us visit our region 4 contact-us webpage.


October 2007 - MNO Press Release
Métis Nation of Ontario Citizens and Community Representatives Unite


Senator Jack Leroux has attended many MNO Metis and A.G.A. events. He is always looking forward to meeting people to hear their stories and to help them out. Give him a call if you would like to volunteer more with the North Chanel Metis Council.