August 28, 2004

Moka and More

Mike Chow (brother of Bryan) opened a restaurant recently, and last night a bunch of us went there to sample the food. It was amazing! Mike used to work at Mission Hill and at Bin 941 downtown, and now he's got his own gig. If you're out in East Van one day (or even if you aren't), check it out. It's at 350 Nanaimo - just north of Hastings.

Posted by Kevin at 12:49 PST

August 25, 2004

The gmails, the gmails...

I've got five gmail invites to give out. Anyoue wanting a gmail account, lemme know and I'll hook ya up.

Posted by Kevin at 21:06 PST

August 23, 2004

Gold Medal Performance

We had tremendous help from friends in getting the living room repainted, so huge thanks to everyone who dropped by on that hot Thursday night. You guys are awesome!

Now the house is almost in selling shape and we hope to list it very soon. There's just that niggling problem of the Olympics -- any spare time I have is pretty much devoted to watching the Athens games. Luckily there's only a week left, so I'll be much more productive in the near future.

Posted by Mandy at 17:05 PST

August 7, 2004

The paint comes out

We finally started painting the living room. Hope this doesn't take too long.

Posted by Kevin at 10:53 PST

July 29, 2004

Learning to live with disappointment

Nota Bene is apparently sold out until May 2005. We made a detour to Oliver specifically to pick up a few bottles, and find the Black Hills Winery closed for business... for a year! Grrr.

Posted by Mandy at 13:55 PST

July 28, 2004

There and back again

Kev and I recently made a trek out to Alberta for an Overgaard family reunion, and made a fun little week-long sightseeing vacation out of it. We drove an average of 4-5 hours each day, but that's the only way to enjoy the incredible scenery BC has to offer.

We headed straight for Kelowna to have lunch at the Quail's Gate Winery, and of course to pick up one of our fave wines (Old Vines Foch). Our first night stop was Vernon, where we stayed at a super comfy B&B called Castle on the Mountain. (The mountain in question being Silver Star). If the proprietors are to be believed, theirs was the first B&B on that stretch of scenic road, which is now an endless row of B&B's. It was a lovely stay, with a super yummy breakfast and gorgeous views of the valley and Vernon.

Day two saw us travel through the mountains towards Banff. That day we discovered the best way to have lunch: hit a nice deli somewheres, grab some yummy meats, cheeses and breads, then stop somewhere where the scenery has to be appreciated fully with a picnic lunch. We chose the summit just past Revelstoke, where the mountain tops kept us company, not to mention the squirrels and blue jays who found our smoked meat & provalone sandwiches very appealing. That evening we reached Canmore, a pretty little town reminiscent of Whistler Village, and then we hit a fresh pasta restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

The next day we decided to use Canmore as our base of operations (i.e. leave our luggage) and take a long drive up the Icefields Parkway to the Athabasca Glacier at the start of the Columbia Icefields. We hit most of the tourist stops along the way, including the Crowfoot Glacier, an alpine flower walk to the brilliant turquoise glacier-fed Peyto Lake, Mistaya Canyon, and the Saskatchewan River Valley. We had another of our great picnic deli lunches just past Saskatchewan Crossing, then made the final push to the Columbia Icefields. One of the glacier toes reaches the highway, so you can have a generally safe self-guided walk up the leading edge of the ice. Not wanting to drive all the way up to Jasper, we headed back to Banff and saw a bit of the town, the hot springs, the hotel and the Bow Falls. That evening back in Canmore we checked out the hotel pool, then the Grizzly Paw Brewery for dinner. Don't order a mojito there and you'll do fine.

Calgary was our next stop, so we saw a bit of the Stampede, a bit more of the restaurant/pub patios that litter the city during the Stampede, and had a visit with our friend Rebecca. That night I got my wish to see a great summer storm, when a huge one hit the city. Fork lightning, big thunder, bigger rain, and huge hailstones. It was awesome to watch, particularly since the worst of it bypassed us, including the hail damage which we missed entirely. The storm was severe enough to prompt warnings to watch for funnel clouds and possible tornados. Be careful what you wish for. :)

The next day we picked up Kev's cousin Jason, with his fiancé Vanessa, and headed to Sundre for the reunion. This was the third Overguard reunion I've attended, and the first to take place in the original Canadian homestead of the Overguards (Kev's mom's family). Relatives from BC, Alberta, Montana and Washington come together every few years for these gatherings. The local Sundre Overguards did a great job organizing the events, including a potluck bbq, a pancake breakfast, a driving tour of the homestead and outlying farms, a horse & wagon ride, and a catered dinner.

After the weekend festivities, we started back home. Highlights of the 2 day trip include a wonderful drive through Kananaskis County (complete with herds of mountain goats), the Frank Slide, another picnic lunch at the Crowsnest Pass summit, dinner in Creston with Kev's parents (who we bumped into on the highway), the Creston-Salmo highway, a scary rainstorm on the descent from Castlegar to Christina Lake, a winery tour through Oliver with yet another picnic lunch, and the obligatory fruit stop in Keremeos.

I'm just finishing up the last of those Okanagan peaches, so I figured it was about time to document the trip. I'll let Kev post the photos.

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July 2, 2004

Off to T.O.

Work is taking me out east for a few days.

I'd talk more, but I've got a BBQ to get to.

Posted by Kevin at 16:15 PST

June 25, 2004


My Tuesday ulty team went 7-0 in the middle trimester. That means we move up from Div 3 to Div 2 (out of 7). Getting outselves prepared for some serious butt-kickage. It'll be educational at least.

Posted by Kevin at 00:57 PST


Hi folks. No, I haven't dropped off the planet. I've just been watching a lot of the Euro 2004 soccer tournament. It's apparently third on the list of watched events around the world (after the World Cup and the Olympics), so I'm not alone. Just watched the Portugal-England game - what an amazing finish!

Posted by Kevin at 00:52 PST

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