While Frank Zappa's father Francis was working at
Edwards Air Force Base in the 1950's, near Lancaster, California...


...the family lived here in about 1957.
Address: 45438 Third Street East, Lancaster, CA

Frank's sister Candy and his mother RoseMarie visit their old house in 2003.
Photo by Evelyn Kristo/Antelope Valley Press

Carl Zappa, Candy and Mrs Zappa in front of the former Zappa residence in Lancaster.
Photo by Evelyn Kristo/Antelope Valley Press

The Zappas lived close to the Vliet family, i.e., the boyhood home of Captain Beefheart.
Address: 44123 Carrolside Ave, Lancaster, CA

A short distance from home FZ attended Antelope Valley High School at
44900 North Division Street, Lancaster, CA

Zappa played drums in the school marching band.

AV High Ground Plan.
The oval structure at left is the football stadium coming up in the next photo.

"Home of the lopes" (for Antelopes) football team.

Mural painting at AV High School

FZ attended harmony course at Antelope Valley Junior College,
 possibly at this modernized location in Lancaster.

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