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Fortais and Associates is an independent practice offering a confidential and personalized source of assistance. Lead by Margaret Fortais MSW, a respected counsellor in the Sault area for more than 20 years, we offer a wide range of services. Traditional counselling is the primary service offered. In keeping with Social Work practice principles, all of our services empower clients to identify their treatment goals and provide them with the skills, encouragement and support to achieve those goals. Depending on the client's best interest, a service may be provided on an individual basis, group basis or within the family context. We also offer new approaches to counselling using the most current biofeedback technology and EMDR.


Changes in Ontario law will soon require that parties involved in small claims disputes now participate in mediation before proceeding to court. You will be given the opportunity to choose a mediator or one will be appointed. We offer mediation using the Alternative Dispute Resolution model - this model is consistent with social work principles and values, i.e. self determination, non judgmental attitude and helping people resolve disputes by achieving a fair solution while maintaining positive relationships. We are prepared to offer mediation in family disputes as well as civil and labour-management areas. It is important to note, that the success of the mediation process is greatly influenced by your rapport with the mediator.


Are you concerned that a friend or family member may no longer be able to manage their personal care or finances? Does this person have a power of attorney? If you are not sure how to be of help or who to talk to, call for a free consultation. A capacity assessment of the individual may be part of the process necessary to protect them from harm or financial instability. Margaret Fortais is a qualified capacity assessor registered with the province of Ontario.

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Capacity Assessment



EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

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