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Providing Feedback

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Sample methods for providing feedback might include:

  • Having learners provide peer evaluation of student activities ( e.g. article reviews, online projects, etc.)

  • Participating in online discussions, providing summaries of major topics, weaving together student comments to clarify a point or encourage discussion.

  • Having small groups of students working together to produce and present a group project (the learner groups will provide peer feedback to group members). The instructor can work with the student groups by providing formative evaluation and feedback as the projects progress and groups request instructor assistance.

  • Providing detailed and specific feedback on student assignments. Let your students know where and why they lost marks. Use feedback to encourage your students to reflect upon their performance. If appropriate, provide links to references that might assist your students in understanding your assessment. For example you might reference an article or website that deals with a specific element of the course assignment (e.g. "Have another look at the readings article 'Online Teaching and Learning' and their discussion of feedback requirements for online learners.").

  • Using an online discussion forum to provide general feedback for assignments. This will save you some time when marking individual (or group) assignments and give students an idea of "where the class is". However, you still need to provide specific individualized feedback to your learners.
  • Providing a discussion forum before each assignment might also save you some time responding to individual inquiries and ensure that all students are getting the same information. Encourage students post their questions to this class forum instead of seeking individual advice or assistance.

Check out our Faculty Comments on Evaluation and Feedback page where you can read hints from an experienced online instructor.

For more suggestions, have a look at the University of Illinois web page on "Strategies for Providing Feedback".

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