Michael Coney has written many novels and short stories.  The attached document is not inclusive but generally displays the breadth of his work with published novels.   Nearly everything is available at Abe-Books.  His newest works are available at this website FREE OF CHARGE.   Mr. Coney has also written at least 60 short stories.  The cover artwork is viewable in larger size by clicking on the small picture. This link will take you a bibliography of his novels.


Mirror Image (1972)

Friends Come in Boxes (1973)

The Hero of Downways (1973)

Syzygy (1973)

Monitor Found in Orbit (1974, collection)

Winter's Children (1974)

Charisma (1975)

The Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch (1975, aka The Girl with a Symphony in her Fingers)

Hello Summer, Goodbye (1975, aka Rax)

Brontomek! (1975, received the BritishScience Fiction award for best novel of 1976 largely, I suspect, because my agent was on the Committee)

The Ultimate Jungle (1981)

Neptune's Cauldron (1981)

Cat Karina (1982)

The Celestial Steam Locomotive (1983)

The Gods of the Greatway (1984)

Fang, the Gnome (1988)

King of the Sceptre'd Isle (1989)

A Tomcat Called Sabrina (1992)

No Place For A Sealion (1992)