Michael Coney was born in Birmingham England.   He and his wife Daphne operated a pub in England for three years and a hotel in Antigua for three years. He came to Canada in 1972 and worked for Financial Services in the B.C. Forest Service for seventeen years before retiring

He is the author of many novels and short stories including three new novels published here for the first time.

His Novel Brontomek won the British Science Fiction Award in 1977 and his Novelette Tea and Hamsters was nominated for a Nebula award in 1995.

He has also been nominated for an Aurora Award 5 times.  Michael  lives at Sidney, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  He was proprietor of Porthole Press. His bibliography of novels is included in this website..

His short stories have appeared in magazines the world over and are frequently included in anthologies. 
He Passed away   4 November 2005. peacefully  of Cancer (Mesothelioma).


Bibliography A detailed list of the author's novels.


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