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Dear Constituents,

It has been an honour to serve the community of Ward 76 for another term as your trustee. A lot has happened during this time. Continuing with initiatives from my first term, my second term as Catholic School Trustee has been a great experience and I am proud to have been able to be involved in so many exciting developments within the district. In my capacity, I have focused on the issues that I campaigned on which centered around quality of education, fiscal responsibility, solid governance, and transparency. Additionally, I have strengthened my commitment to student comprehensive health, particularly in the area of mental health, working to build capacity with staff and community.  I am continuing with my efforts to work closely with government officials to minimize funding shortfalls that have the potential to impact learning and infrastructure needs.

In terms of policies and practices within Edmonton Catholic Schools, I lead initiatives to bring live webcasting of Board meetings to the public, struck a District-Wide Student Advisory Council to the Board of Trustees, called for the formation of a Special Interest Group to advice and share community needs with the administration, and initiated a joint Transportation Framework with Edmonton Public Schools.  Additionally, my efforts also helped put into place internal audit services to improve risk management and seek efficiencies, saw the addition of an external member with financial expertise to sit on the Board’s Audit and Finance Committee, the preliminary development of a Whistle Blower policy to report fraudulent activity and advanced a new teacher substitution policy that has improved equity for young graduates and reduced district costs.  I also worked with stakeholders to create partnerships that would improve education outcomes.  One such example of my work is the districts partnership with NAIT’s Business Department which now offers high school credits towards a Business Degree, as well as, serving to improve high school completion outcomes and increase post-secondary attendance.  Also important is my work in the area of student comprehensive health that saw things such as anti-idling zones around schools long before the City of Edmonton tackled this issue.  Along these lines, I am also working with professionals at the Glenrose hospital to build teacher capacity in the area of mental health.

In addition, I made significant contributions to the overall activities of our Board, which included:

  • Co-Chair (two terms) of Linkages Services for Children, Families and Youth (2009-2013).
  • Provincially appointed to sit on the Council of Alberta Teaching Standard (2007-2013).
  • City of Learners, City of Edmonton (2011-2013).
  • Vice-chair for the Board of Trustees (2008-2009).
  • Appointed Chair of Advocacy Committee for Board of Trustees.
  • Elected for two terms to the Alberta School Boards Association.
  • Board budget committee.

I continued to make a commitment to continuous learning and training, which included Financial Literacy Certification from Rotman’s Business School/University of Toronto, Threat Management, Policy Development, and Assessment Practices.  Through work at the University of Alberta, committee participation and lecture series, I have advanced my existing knowledge in the area student comprehensive health with a focus on policy that ensures nutritional, physical and mental health improvements.

I am committed to continuing in meeting the needs of this community. In my ongoing efforts to represent you I am continuing my door to door campaigning. I hope to see and talk to you and look forward to hearing your important issue, ideas or concerns.

Have a great 2013/2014 school year!



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