Solving Fermi Problems 1.6



Fermi Problem:


About How many Loonies do you need to cover a basketball court


1.  What information are you given?

2.  What are you asked to find?

3.  Do you need an exact or approximate answer?


          N= (large area)/(small area)


Simplify the problem:

                   Diameter or a loonie is about 2.5 cm.

                   Area of a loonie is about


A basketball court is 14m x 26m

                   The dimensions of the court in cm is:

                   The area of the court is 


Is the answer reasonable?

Is there another way to solve the problem?


1.       Find any missing information

2.       Decide what assumptions to make

3.       Estimate the solution to the problem

4.       Check that your answer is reasonable