2013 Rideau Canal Canoe Brigade

Kingston to Ottawa by Voyageur Canoe

Information and Registration Links

0 - Post Brigade reports and links:

1 - General Plan with June 1 Update

2 - Brigade Schedule with July 22 update

3 - Initial Crew Registration - please submit initial crew registration with a deposit of $900.00 by April 1, 2013. Maximum of only 10 crews to be accepted, register early!

4 - Individual Registration & Waivers
due with final team registration by July 2nd, 2013

5 - Brigade Safety Plan

6 - 2011 David Thompson Columbia Brigade Paddlers Manual by T. Bentley

7 - Touring the Rideau: Paddling Routes
- an excellent 15 page report for paddlers of the canal

- paddling note from former Rideau Canal Guide, Rick Blasko

** - Watson's Paddling Guide to the Rideau Canal
- this is an excellent 168 page guide with maps, detailed route information and much interpretative material. And it is FREE! I think folks would appreciate a copy in each crew!

8 - History of the Rideau Canal

9 - Transportation Information

10 - Ten Voyageur and French Canadian Folk Songs arranged by LJS Lund

11 - GPS route files- for downloading
.gdb format for Garmin units,
.gpx for other units and Google Earth,
click on the appropriate link.

for further information please contact:

Mark Lund <

last revised 2014Mar01