Odeline Husson

Born March 11, 1860

Though the name Odeline was given by some Husson relatives, I did not find any record of such a person in any of the records or no details were given of this person. However, going through the Chassepierre records I did find some curious and interesting information which throws light on who this person may actually have been. Initially I had thought it may have been because that person might have been born in France, just like grandmother Justine was. Even though some of the children seem to have been born in France, that place in France was right across the border from Belgium and very near the Chassepierre area. So, regardless, it seems like Jean Joseph Husson and Marie-Elizabeth Clotilde Joniaux spent their lives mainly around the Chassepierre (Azy) area of Belgium. I found two interesting things in the records. One is the record of the marriage of a Marie-Adeline Husson, stated as the legitimate minor daughter (meaning not yet considered adult) to Jean Jacques Poncin. The marriage record indicates that Marie-Adeline was born on March 11, 1860 and that she was therefore 18 years of age when her wedding took place. There was a very good reason why she married that young as will be explained later.

Birth record:

L/An mil huit cent soixante le onze mars est née à Azy, commune de Chassepierre, province de Luxembourg, Marie Adeline Joniaux, fille naturelle de Marie Elizabeth Joniaux, sans profession domiciliée à Azy.

Suivant acte de mariage zoeu?? Le cinq novembre mil huit cent soixante l’officier de l’état civil de cette commune les dites Marie Adeline Joniaux a

été legitimé par les epoux Jean-Joseph Husson et Marie-Elizabeth Joneaux de cette commune.

The 1860 birth records of Chassepierre do not indicate the birth of a Marie-Adeline Husson, but indicate the birth of a Marie-Adeline Joniaux on the very date which the marriage record states that Marie-Adeline Husson was born. Marie-Adeline Joniaux’ record mention her as the natural daughter of Marie Elizabeth Clothide Joniaux, natural meaning illegitimate. However, things were not a dark as they seem to be on the surface. The record also states that the birth was later legitimized by Marie Elizabeth Clothide’s marriage to Jean Joseph Husson. It does not state whether Jean Joseph Husson was the parent of the child, but it seems probable. use Marie-Elizabeth Clothide Joniaux. As a matter of fact her birth record This person is mentioned as being without a profession and living at Azy, faction of Chassepierre? born on March 11 1860. She is also mentioned as the . Her parents Jean Joseph Husson and Marie-Elizabeth Clothide Joniaux got married on November 5, 1860. The birth was legitimized by the fact that the parents got married.

Marie Adeline married Jean Georges Poncin on June 9, 1878, when she was 18 years old.

It seems like Marie-Adeline ran into exactly the same problem as her mother, and also found the same solution to it. There is record of a birth of Marie-Delphine Husson on April 15, 1878 and the mother given as Marie-Adeline Husson, unmarried (célibataire). There is a note in the column of the record, however, which states that the birth was legitimized by her marriage to Jean Georges Poncin.

Here is the record:

L’AN mil huit cent soixante et dix-huit, le quinze du mois d’avril à à dix heure du matin par-devant nous jean Joseph Antoine Bourgmestre officier de l’état civil de la commune de Chassepierre canton de florenville province de Luxembourg, est comparue Rosalie Labart veuve Truante??, sage femme (mid-wife) âgée de quarante-six? Ans

Domiciliée à Laiche , la quelle nous a declaré dtre presenté en enfant du sexe feminin née à Azy section de la commune de Chassepierre hier à sept heures du soir de Marie Adeline Husson celibataire sans profession née et domiciliée audit Azy, agée de dix-huit ans et auquel il a déclaré vouloir donner les prénoms de Marie-Delphine

Les dites déclarations et présentation faites en présence de Charles Collart âgé de cinquante-un ans sécrétaire communal domicilié à Chassepierre ont les deux jurants et temoins signé avec nous la présent acte de naissance, après qu’il leur en a été fait lecture.

And a further note added later on in the margin which says:

Legitimé par les époux Poncin et Husson suivant acte de mariage le cinq? Juin mil huit cent soixante et dix-huit. Bourgmestre Antoine

Question is whether Marie Adeline Husson was the same person as Odeline. It seems like there is a good chance, for no one mentioned an Adeline Husson. What may have happened, is that Adeline may eventually have changed her name, officially or non-officially to Odeline to get away from her past. Or it may be that there was an actual Odeline who was sister to Adeline and Adeline not mentioned because of her past.

It seems like not only Elizabeth Joniaux and her daughter Adeline were not the only members of the Husson/Joniaux group to run into this kind of problem. There is a record of the birth and death of a Josephine Leontine Husson, daughter of Marie Husson (unmarried), on May 28, 1874. Marie’s age is given as 22 years and also without any profession. What relation this person was to Jean Joseph Husson is unknown at present. She may have been a cousin. Hussons were not that uncommon in the Chassepierre area.

It also seems that this kind of problem with some Hussons may have been behind Jean Ernest and Jean Baptiste Letain’s mother-Jeanne Marie Rampelle to be against the marriage of her sons to Hussons, and which may also have been responsible or partially responsible for Pierre Ignace to go to America with his sons, while she remained in Belgium. Other reasons may have been that she just did not want to live in the Americas.

Jean Jacques Husson